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AK Agency Passes On-Site MJ Consumption Amendment

Omar Sacirbey  | July 8, 2016

Alaska’s Marijuana Control Board on Thursday approved an amendment to the state’s draft regulations governing on-site cannabis consumption that would permit customers to take a doggy bag home with any unused product they didn’t consume at retail MJ shops.

Alaska is expected to have the first on-site marijuana consumption program in the nation.

The amendment would …

Big Sales Predicted for Hawaii MMJ Dispensaries

Omar Sacirbey  | July 7, 2016

Hawaii’s new medical marijuana dispensaries are expected to ring up $12.7 million to $38 million in sales during their first year of business, a report from the Hawaii Dispensary Association predicts.

By 2018, sales could surge to as much as $145 million, according to the association’s report.

The initial sales projections are based on …

Jamaica mulls airport kiosks for marijuana use licenses

Omar Sacirbey  | July 6, 2016

The Jamaican government is considering installing kiosks at airport arrival halls and seaports for tourists to get a license to buy and consume up to two ounces of marijuana during their stay on the island.

The possible move is aimed at capitalizing on the nation’s cannabis and tourism industries. The kiosks would mainly be …

Google Preparing to Work With the Cannabis Industry?

Omar Sacirbey  | July 6, 2016

By Omar Sacirbey

Is global technology giant Google the latest major U.S. corporation to kick the tires of the marijuana industry?

It could be. Signs suggest the Mountain View, California-based company is exploring the opportunity to work with cannabis businesses.

AZ rec cannabis campaign files signatures for ballot

John Schroyer  | June 30, 2016

An Arizona campaign to legalize recreational marijuana on Thursday filed 258,582 signatures with the secretary of state’s office, a week in advance of the July 7 deadline.

The total far exceeds the 150,642 valid signatures required to get the initiative on the 2016 general election ballot.

The organization behind the measure, the Campaign to Regulate …

LA County Extends Medical Cannabis Growing Ban

Omar Sacirbey  | June 29, 2016

Los Angeles County supervisors voted to extend a temporary ban on medical marijuana cultivation and distribution in unincorporated areas by one year, dealing yet another blow to MMJ cultivators.

The new moratorium also bars growing and testing of medical marijuana as well as mobile delivery services, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The issue dates …