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Firm Launches $25M Cannabis Fund

John Schroyer  | November 11, 2015

Canna Group, which provides consulting services to the marijuana industry, has launched a $25 million private equity fund that will invest in ancillary businesses that aren’t subject to state regulations.

The fund, called Sugar Leaf, will focus on businesses that specialize in financing, payments and banking, grow systems, agriculture and operations, software, digital and …

Wholesale Cannabis Platform Closes $750K Funding Round

John Schroyer  | November 5, 2015

A new online cannabis wholesale platform scheduled to launch in the first quarter of next year announced that it has closed a $750,000 round of funding.

LeafLink, which is based in New York, raised the cash via a group of angel investors in the state, according to Techcrunch. The new platform aims to …

Chart of the Week: Breakdown of Planned Exit Strategies in the Cannabis Industry

Becky Olson  | November 2, 2015

By Becky Olson

For many cannabis entrepreneurs, it probably feels far too early to be discussing exit strategies.

But establishing a roadmap to cash in on all your hard work and eventually step away from the business – or at least its daily operations – is an important aspect of long-range planning.

Marijuana Startup Tradiv Closes $1M Funding Round

John Schroyer  | October 30, 2015

Tradiv, which runs an online platform that facilitates wholesale transactions in the cannabis industry, has cemented a $1 million round of funding to help fuel its growth.

The firm formally launched on Oct. 1 after finishing a business accelerator program with CanopyBoulder in June. It was able to raise the $1 million through connections …

Latest Attempt to Solve Marijuana Banking Issues Involves Native American Tribes

John Schroyer  | October 14, 2015

By John Schroyer

Yet another possible solution to the marijuana industry's banking woes is in the works, and this one involves newcomers to the cannabis scene: Native American tribes.

A startup company founded by a trio of Native American businessmen is trying to convince tribes to become bankers for nearby cannabis companies.

Chart of the Week: Cannabis-Touching Firms Finally in Vogue With Investors

Becky Olson  | October 5, 2015

By Becky Olson

For years, most investors interested in the cannabis space avoided companies that actually touch the plant in favor of “safer” ancillary businesses that provide products and services to the industry or consumers.

Not so anymore.