Legal & Regulatory News for Marijuana Businesses

Denver Extends Marijuana Moratorium Until May

John Schroyer  | November 27, 2015

Denver will extend a moratorium on new players in the city’s recreational cannabis industry until May – rather than another two years as initially proposed – to study the issue further before deciding whether to implement a longer ban.

The current moratorium that only allows existing medical marijuana businesses to get into the recreational cannabis industry …

Week in Review: Florida CBD Licenses, Alaska Marijuana Regulations & California’s Black Market

John Schroyer  | November 27, 2015

By John Schroyer

Florida announces CBD license winners as the state considers major changes to the program, Alaska debates recreational cannabis regulations, and California medical cannabis growers voice concerns over new rules.

Here’s a closer look at several notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week.

Maryland License Applicants Target State’s Wealthiest Counties

Omar Sacirbey  | November 25, 2015

The hottest competition for medical marijuana dispensary licenses in Maryland is in some of the richest areas of the country.

The most competitive will be in the state’s 20th Senate District, which is part of wealthy Montgomery County and borders Washington DC, according to a breakdown of MMJ business license applications released by the Maryland …

Macedonia Weighs Medical Marijuana Legalization

Omar Sacirbey  | November 25, 2015

The Balkan nation of Macedonia may become the latest country to legalize medical marijuana.

The country’s health ministry is in extensive consultations with doctors, pharmacologists, legalization advocates, cancer patients and others about making marijuana treatments available to people suffering from serious illnesses.

The ministry held the first public debate about the topic on Sunday,

Canadian Officials Want Cannabis Sold Through Liquor Stores

Omar Sacirbey  | November 24, 2015

As Canada’s new government struggles with how to implement marijuana legalization, at least a few public figures are urging officials to allow sales through the country’s tightly controlled liquor stores.

In the central Canadian province of Manitoba, the Liquor & Gaming Authority expects to serve as a marijuana regulator and is now preparing for that role, according …

Florida Announces Winners of CBD Licenses

John Schroyer  | November 23, 2015

At long last, Florida’s health department has announced the names of nurseries that will receive cultivation and dispensary licenses as part of its CBD program.

The five companies are dispersed geographically across the state to ensure there will be CBD producers in each region of Florida.

The winners include Chestnut Hill Tree Farm in the northeast region …

Cost of MMJ Rules Could Leave CA’s Black Market Untouched

Omar Sacirbey  | November 23, 2015

Will California’s forthcoming medical marijuana regulations eliminate the state’s cannabis black market?

Not if the costs for businesses to participate are too onerous, MMJ growers and retailers say.

The regulations will cost an estimated $20 million-$50 million to implement and maintain, according to the Press-Democrat of Santa Rosa, citing a legislative analyst’s report.


Week in Review: Canada Legalization Advancing, Application Avalanche in WA & Ohio MJ Revamp

John Schroyer  | November 20, 2015

By John Schroyer and Omar Sacirbey

Canada moves toward legalizing recreational cannabis, Washington State gets flooded with applications for new retail marijuana licenses, and the man in charge of the failed MJ campaign in Ohio promises to change his approach in 2016.

Here’s a closer look at several notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week.

Ohio MJ Campaign to Push ‘Free Market’ Measure

Omar Sacirbey  | November 19, 2015

The architect of the biggest failure in modern marijuana politics has vowed to change his ways and come back with a proposal that will win over voters and the cannabis industry at large.

Ian James – executive director of ResponsibleOhio, the group behind a failed bid to legalize marijuana in Ohio earlier this …