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Testing rules sinking Oregon marijuana sales, report shows

Omar Sacirbey  | December 8, 2016

Marijuana sales in Oregon have been sliding since the state implemented stringent new testing rules on Oct. 1, dropping 8.5% to $29.5 million that month.

The October decline marked the first time since May that the market posted sales below $30 million, according to a new report.

The report, by Colorado-based BDS Analytics, …

Arkansas governor announces MMJ commission

Bart Schaneman  | December 8, 2016

Arkansas has unveiled the five members of its new Medical Marijuana Commission, which will administer and oversee the licensing of dispensaries and cultivators under the state’s new MMJ program.

The group – selected by the governor and state lawmakers – is a mixture of health and legal experts, according to the Arkansas Times.

Gov. Asa …

Judge: Montana dispensaries can reopen immediately

Bart Schaneman  | December 7, 2016

A Montana judge ruled Wednesday that a medical marijuana initiative approved last month by voters should take effect immediately, paving the way for dispensaries to reopen months earlier than expected.

A drafting error in the Nov. 8 ballot initiative had postponed the measure’s implementation until July 1.

But District Judge James Reynolds of Helena sped …

New Market: Smooth rollout expected for Arkansas MMJ industry

Bart Schaneman  | December 7, 2016

By Bart Schaneman

The Arkansas medical marijuana industry is expected to experience a smooth launch and will likely serve a small, but not tiny, market.

After a previous legalization measure failed narrowly in 2012, voters in the Bible Belt state passed an initiative on Nov. 8 to allow the use, cultivation and sale of medical cannabis.

MA lawmakers mull delay in rec marijuana law rollout

Omar Sacirbey  | December 6, 2016

Massachusetts state Senate President Stanley C. Rosenberg, a Democrat who favored adult-use legalization, confirmed that lawmakers are discussing a delay in the rollout of the state’s recreational marijuana law that voters passed on Nov. 8.

He said all deadline dates were “on the table,” according to the Boston Globe. The reason? To give …

Canadian prime minister seeks crackdown on illegal dispensaries

Bart Schaneman  | December 5, 2016

Though the Canadian government is on track to legalize recreational cannabis in 2017, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he’s frustrated with illegal medicinal marijuana storefronts and wants police to enforce the law.

Trudeau wants to put an end to dispensaries that say they are federally licensed but are not among the nation’s licensed producers, the …

Florida medical cannabis industry rollout likely to be slow

John Schroyer  | December 2, 2016

Even though medical marijuana passed by a historic margin in Florida last month, that doesn’t mean state legislators are going to rush to implement the new law. Rather, it will likely be the opposite, with lawmakers dragging their feet.

A whopping 6 million voters supported legalizing MMJ at the ballot box, but establishing …

CA treasurer forms group to address federal banking rules

Bart Schaneman  | December 2, 2016

California’s state treasurer has assembled a group to address the problems caused by banks’ refusal to deal with marijuana businesses, following up on his state’s legalization of recreational cannabis in the Nov. 8 election.

State Treasurer John Chiang also sent a letter to President-elect Donald Trump and included members of California’s congressional delegation asking …

Ireland may legalize medical marijuana

John Schroyer  | December 2, 2016

Yet another country is now seriously considering legalizing cannabis for medical purposes: Ireland.

The small island nation’s parliament now has a bill before it to legalize MMJ, and the minority government announced that it would not stand in the way of the measure, Reuters reported Thursday.

The nation’s health minister “accepted the central …