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Chart of the Week: Clinton, Trump or Johnson? How the Cannabis Industry Plans to Vote

Chris Walsh  | August 1, 2016

By Eli McVey

If the presidential election were held today, how would the cannabis industry vote?

Hillary Clinton would win in a landslide, with 43% of marijuana executives and professionals saying they would vote for her at this point vs. just 26% who prefer Donald Trump, according to a poll by Marijuana Business Daily. 

CA dispensary promises court fight over $767K tax ruling

Omar Sacirbey  | July 29, 2016

A California district court has ruled that Medimarts dispensary in San Jose must pay the city $767,058 in taxes and late fees, but the owner says the municipality’s not getting a dime.

Medimarts president David Armstrong says his group is a collective where members are co-owners who don’t buy marijuana, but rather make an “equitable …

10 Massachusetts Lawmakers Endorse Rec Initiative

John Schroyer  | July 29, 2016

Countering the Republican governor, the Democratic mayor of Boston, and numerous other public officials that are campaigning against adult use marijuana legalization in Massachusetts, a solid bloc of 10 state lawmakers on Thursday announced their support for the campaign that’s trying to get voters to approve recreational cannabis this November.

The ten, which were revealed …

Maryland to Award Cultivation, Processing Licenses on Aug. 15

John Schroyer  | July 28, 2016

Officials overseeing Maryland’s medical marijuana program plan to announce winners of cultivation and processing licenses on Aug. 15, the Baltimore Sun reported Thursday.

The move, should it materialize, would galvanize Maryland’s medical cannabis industry, which has experienced numerous delays in the licensing process.

The state will reveal which applicants receive the 15 cultivation …

Trademark Board Hands Setback to Marijuana Businesses

Omar Sacirbey  | July 28, 2016

A federal trademark board has issued a major setback to marijuana businesses seeking federal protection for trademarks and patents.

The Trademark Trial and Appeals Board (TTAB) of the US Patent and Trademark Office ruled earlier this month that owners of state-licensed marijuana retailers can’t receive federal trademark protection on marks that are connected …

The famous marijuana memos: Q&A with former DOJ Deputy Attorney General James Cole

John Schroyer  | July 27, 2016

By John Schroyer

There’s a good argument to be made that James Cole has had a bigger impact on the U.S. cannabis industry than any other single individual in modern history.

The former U.S. deputy attorney general, who served from 2010-2015, authored a trio of memos essentially outlining federal policy on the cannabis industry.

California Edibles Executive Faces Fraud Charges

Omar Sacirbey  | July 26, 2016

An investor in a prominent California edibles company is accusing the firm’s CEO of securities fraud and is seeking to invalidate his claim in the company.

The investor claims in the lawsuit, filed anonymously on July 18, that Robert Weakley, CEO of Altai, lied about his contributions to the company’s accounts and spent some …