Legal & Regulatory News for Marijuana Businesses

Massachusetts Medical Cannabis Firms Must Do More to Help Rec Effort, Advocates Say

Omar Sacirbey  | April 28, 2016

By Omar Sacirbey

Proponents for marijuana legalization in Massachusetts say the state’s medical cannabis industry must step up to the plate quickly to ensure a recreational measure passes this fall in the face of growing opposition – or else the entire effort could fall short.

Montana Medical Marijuana Industry to End in August

John Schroyer  | April 26, 2016

The Montana State Supreme Court has put the state’s medical marijuana dispensaries on notice: They’ll be out of business as of August 31.

The decision means Montana voters ultimately could determine the future of the state’s MMJ’s dispensaries.

The high court made its views known on Monday through a ruling on a 2011 law that …

Maryland Gets New Medical Cannabis Program Chief

Omar Sacirbey  | April 26, 2016

Maryland has named its new medical marijuana program director, who will have to manage a flood of applications for business licenses in a state with a potentially large MMJ market.

Patrick Jameson, a former state trooper and unsuccessful political candidate, started Monday as executive director of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, the Washington …

Patent Battles Could Shape Marijuana Industry’s Future

Roger Fillion  | April 25, 2016

The patenting of new marijuana strains could touch off major legal battles over cannabis varieties produced through innovative breeding methods.

“The prize could be nothing less than the commanding heights of an industry that’s projected to soon top $40 billion, with the exclusive rights to produce, sell, or license designer varieties of pot,” …

DEA Okays PTSD Medical Cannabis Trials

John Schroyer  | April 22, 2016

Never say never.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has, at long last, approved a scientific study in which military veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder will be treated with medical marijuana, potentially expanding the market for MMJ businesses.

It’s the first such study of its kind. Moreover, more states could add PTSD to their …

Week in Review: Cannabis Legalization in North America, MJ Clubs Whacked & Oregon Flood

John Schroyer  | April 22, 2016

By John Schroyer

Canada and Mexico signal they’ll move ahead with cannabis legalization, marijuana clubs hit local pushback, and entrepreneurs flood Oregon with applications to operate in the state’s new recreational cannabis market.

Here’s a closer look at several notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week.

Washington DC Permanently Bans Cannabis Clubs

Roger Fillion  | April 20, 2016

City lawmakers in Washington DC voted to slap a permanent ban on private clubs catering to marijuana users, eliminating the chance for recreational cannabis business opportunities in the nation’s capital.

The D.C. Council’s 7-6 vote sends the measure to Mayor Muriel Bowser, who already has said she supports outlawing the clubs, Washingtonian magazine reported.

District voters …

Denver Council Moves to Restrict Marijuana Business Locations

John Schroyer  | April 19, 2016

Denver lawmakers tentatively approved a proposed ordinance to impose caps on the number of marijuana retail and cultivation sites in the proverbial capital of the cannabis industry.

The measure, approved Monday evening 8-3 by the Denver City Council, will become law if approved in a final vote next week. It would apply to recreational and …