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More legal issues for marijuana firm Pineapple Express

Omar Sacirbey  | March 21, 2017

Pineapple Express, which provides consulting, financial and real estate services to marijuana businesses, has been named in a lawsuit filed by three companies that allege the Los Angeles firm owes them nearly $685,000.

Pineapple Express CEO Matthew Feinstein stressed in an email to Marijuana Business Daily that a subsidiary the company has since sold is the …

What’s in a strain name? Q&A with Canndescent CEO Adrian Sedlin

Bart Schaneman  | March 21, 2017

By Bart Schaneman

Walk into any marijuana outlet and you'll find jars of flower strains with names like Golden Goat, Ghost Train Haze or Robert Plant.

Such names convey minimal information to novice consumers, forcing them to do further research before they can purchase any cannabis. California-based cultivator Canndescent is trying to simplify that experience.

SEC charges cannabis vending firm, founder in $12M case

Omar Sacirbey  | March 10, 2017

Federal securities regulators charged a California company peddling marijuana vending machines and its founder with issuing bogus news releases that bragged about phony “record” sales and touted the business as an MJ industry leader.

Much of Medbox’s revenue, however, came from “sham transactions with a secret affiliate,” according to a news release from the …

Week in Review: Los Angeles marijuana vote, Canada rec rollout & new cannabis standards

John Schroyer  | March 10, 2017

By John Schroyer, Omar Sacirbey and Bart Schaneman

Los Angeles voters approve a groundbreaking marijuana initiative, Canada adult-use legalization may take longer than anticipated, and an influential standards-setting group eyes cannabis.

Here’s a closer look at some notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week.

Crucial Los Angeles marijuana ballot measure passes easily

John Schroyer  | March 8, 2017

The Los Angeles marijuana industry took a big step toward legal legitimacy Tuesday with the passage of Proposition M, a city ballot measure that sets the stage for a new municipal permitting system.

Election first step to clarity for L.A.’s legal cannabis industry

John Schroyer  | March 7, 2017

By John Schroyer

The outcome of Los Angeles' municipal election Tuesday could enable the city to surge to the forefront of the regulated cannabis industry, or it could prove a major setback for thousands of marijuana businesses.

Residents will vote on four proposed changes to city laws, and two of the questions are about marijuana.

Crafting an industry: Q&A with California cannabis czar Lori Ajax

John Schroyer  | March 1, 2017

By John Schroyer

Lori Ajax has what may be one of the most influential governmental positions in the legal marijuana industry – chief of California’s Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation.

As such, Ajax will help craft rules for what will be the nation’s largest regulated medical and recreational cannabis markets.

Medical marijuana businesses see silver lining in White House comments on cannabis

Omar Sacirbey  | February 28, 2017

By Omar Sacirbey

Medical marijuana companies are finding solace in comments from the White House last week indicating the federal government might crack down on recreational cannabis but leave the $2 billion MMJ industry alone.

“It is good news for medical marijuana,” said Alex Ford of the Grassroots Vermont dispensary.

Recreational marijuana states undeterred by hints of federal crackdown

John Schroyer  | February 24, 2017

By John Schroyer

Despite ominous overtones from the White House, the eight states that have legalized recreational cannabis are proceeding full-bore, whether it’s with running their existing programs or preparing to launch new ones.

Governors and attorneys general responded in unison: They’ll honor voters’ wishes and conduct business as usual while awaiting specific policies.

Week in Review: White House threat, CA growers at risk & unique cannabis investment fund

John Schroyer  | February 24, 2017

By John Schroyer

The Trump administration hints at possible enforcement on recreational cannabis businesses, thousands of Northern California cultivation jobs are in jeopardy, and a new marijuana investment fund is in the works.

Here’s a closer look at some notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week.