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MMJ company CannaKorp raises $5.7 million in 2016

Bart Schaneman  | January 12, 2017

CannaKorp, a Massachusetts company that’s been dubbed the “Keurig for marijuana,” said it raised $4.1 million in its latest round of fundraising to help manufacture and distribute its pod-based medical cannabis vaporizing system.

For all of 2016, the company raised $5.7 million. The total includes an initial $1.6 million seed funding earlier that year, CannaKorp …

Week in Review: New life in Montana, rule tweaks in Oregon & obstacles in New England

Bart Schaneman  | December 9, 2016

By Bart Schaneman and Omar Sacirbey 

Montana’s medical marijuana industry is reactivated, Oregon adjusts its testing regulations, and New England’s adult-use industry encounters obstacles.

Here’s a closer look at some notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week.

MA lawmakers mull delay in rec marijuana law rollout

Omar Sacirbey  | December 6, 2016

Massachusetts state Senate President Stanley C. Rosenberg, a Democrat who favored adult-use legalization, confirmed that lawmakers are discussing a delay in the rollout of the state’s recreational marijuana law that voters passed on Nov. 8.

He said all deadline dates were “on the table,” according to the Boston Globe. The reason? To give …

Chart: Sales projections for states that legalized cannabis on Election Day vs. 2016 industry estimates

Eli McVey  | November 21, 2016

By Eli McVey

States that passed marijuana measures earlier this month eventually could generate more in annual retail MJ sales than the entire U.S. cannabis industry is expected to this year.

Though these new markets will take time to develop, they present tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on the results of the election.

Week in Review: 5 business takeaways from the landmark election

Omar Sacirbey  | November 11, 2016

By Omar Sacirbey and Bart Schaneman

Now that voters in seven additional states have legalized recreational or medical marijuana, business leaders and political observers are bullish about the potential for industry growth.

They point to surge in opportunities for interstate expansion, increased investor interest in cannabis and greater innovation in technology and business strategies.