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Sanders Introduces Bill to Lift Federal Marijuana Ban

Omar Sacirbey  | November 4, 2015

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders introduced a bill Wednesday that would take marijuana off the federal government’s list of Schedule 1 drugs and effectively end federal prohibition against the plant, which would be a game-changer for the cannabis industry.

This is the first time such a bill has been introduced in the Senate.

The …

Prominent Scientific Group to Promote Development of Cannabis Testing Standards

Omar Sacirbey  | October 29, 2015

By Omar Sacirbey

The world’s largest scientific society will help facilitate cannabis research and the development of testing standards, moving the marijuana industry a step closer to legitimacy.

The 139-year-old American Chemical Society (ACS) – which boasts 150,000 members worldwide from the chemistry and science fields – recently voted to create an official cannabis subdivision.

Guest Column: Cannabis Industry Must Dominate Discussion About MJ’s Impact on Young People

John Conlin  | October 20, 2015

By John Conlin

The legalization of medical and adult-use marijuana in the United States appears to be a force that can’t be stopped.

As this occurs, we can expect more scientific research into the biological impacts of cannabis consumption, particularly on young people. This is valuable research, but it also could create major challenges for our nascent industry.

Doctors’ Group Calls for MJ Reform

John Schroyer  | October 5, 2015

Cannabis advocates have a new and perhaps unlikely ally: the American Academy of Family Physicians.

The group last week passed two new resolutions into its platform, with one calling for the decriminalization of recreational cannabis and the other calling on the federal government to re-categorize marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II.

The organization, which …

Six Tips for Hiring, Retaining Employees in the Cannabis Industry

John Schroyer  | September 29, 2015

By John Schroyer

Although the marijuana industry is booming, the vast majority of cannabis-related companies are still small businesses employing anywhere from a handful of workers to a couple dozen.

So hiring – and retaining – the right employees is absolutely critical.

New Attempt to Defund DEA’s Anti-Cannabis Program

John Schroyer  | September 23, 2015

A new bipartisan bill has been put forward in the U.S. House of Representatives to quash an anti-marijuana program under the Drug Enforcement Agency.

The initiative, officially called the Domestic Cannabis Eradication/Suppression Program, allows the DEA to distribute federal money to state and local governments to help them seize cannabis and destroy cultivation …

Let States Regulate Marijuana, GOP Voters Say

John Schroyer  | August 26, 2015

Republicans generally don’t like the federal government telling them what they can and can’t do, and that ideology apparently carries over into the cannabis realm for many.

A new study released this week found that 64% of Republicans in Iowa and 67% in New Hampshire want the next president of the United States …