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Week in Review: Sessions’ sleight of hand, scofflaws in CA & risky business in NY

John Schroyer  | January 13, 2017

By John Schroyer, Bart Schaneman and Omar Sacirbey

Attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions plays his cannabis-enforcement views close to the vest, dispensaries sidestep California’s adult-use law, and an L.A. marijuana company attempts a risky rescue in New York.

Here’s a closer look at some notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week.

High Times leaving longtime NYC base for Los Angeles

Omar Sacirbey  | January 12, 2017

High Times magazine announced plans to leave New York City – where it has been headquartered for 43 years – for Los Angeles by the end of April.

The reason for the move?

“The center of the cannabis universe has moved to California,” said Matt Stang, High Times’ chief revenue officer, according to …

Year in Review: Top 10 notable developments in the marijuana industry from 2016

Omar Sacirbey and Bart Schaneman  | December 30, 2016

By Omar Sacirbey and Bart Schaneman

In the annals of marijuana history, 2016 will most certainly stand out as a watershed year for the business of cannabis.

From huge wins on Election Day and a flurry of investment activity to big courtroom victories and recreational legalization momentum in Canada, cannabis made headlines in the U.S. and …

Possibility of new competition concerns New York’s existing medical cannabis companies

Omar Sacirbey  | December 20, 2016

By Omar Sacirbey

Medical marijuana businesses in New York are hopeful that recent and proposed changes to the state’s MMJ program will increase patient numbers and boost sales.

But the five existing companies, currently operating below their capacities, worry those gains could be negated by plans to allow newcomers to enter the market.

New York lets MMJ firms wholesale products, sell more brands

Bart Schaneman  | December 9, 2016

New York regulators unveiled more steps to pump new life into the state’s struggling medical marijuana industry, including new rules allowing MMJ growers to sell their products at one another’s dispensaries to alleviate potential supply shortfalls and boost sales.

The New York State Department of Health’s changes also include an expansion in the …

Week in Review: Lift for New York market, anti-MJ Trump choice & Canada rec development

John Schroyer  | December 2, 2016

By Omar Sacirbey, John Schroyer and Bart Schaneman

New York’s lagging medical cannabis trade receives some good news, Donald Trump picks another marijuana critic for his cabinet, and Canada considers giving MMJ companies a leg up in the recreational market.

Here’s a closer look at some notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week.

New York state broadens its medical cannabis law

Omar Sacirbey  | November 23, 2016

The New York Department of Health is modifying its medical marijuana regulations to make it easier for patients in the state to access their medicine.

Under the first change, nurse practitioners will be permitted to recommend medical marijuana to patients beginning Nov. 30, Buffalo TV station WKBW reported. Previously, only physicians were allowed to write …