Medical Cannabis Business & Marijuana Legal News in Other Regions

Canadian pharmacy chain applies to dispense medical marijuana

Omar Sacirbey  | October 25, 2016

Canada’s largest pharmacy chain, Shoppers Drug Mart, has formally applied to the federal government to be a distributor of medical marijuana.

If Shoppers Drug Mart is allowed to sell medical marijuana by Health Canada, it would mark a major shift in Canada’s medical marijuana market.

Currently, Canadian medical cannabis patients must either grow their …

Israeli pharmacies to start selling medical cannabis

Bart Schaneman  | October 20, 2016

Israeli pharmacies are gearing up to sell medical marijuana across the nation under the government’s ongoing efforts to liberalize the use and sale of MMJ.

Super-Pharm, which has 225 branches across Israel, has been consulting with the nation’s health ministry to allow prescription and provision of medical marijuana by authorized doctors and pharmacists, …

Turkey to allow limited MMJ production

John Schroyer  | October 18, 2016

The Turkish government has legalized medical cannabis production in 19 of its 81 provinces, but the step forward is quite tentative and has a lot of strings attached.

According to Britain’s Independent newspaper, the move by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock is intended to combat the black market. But many specifics are …

New Jersey, TN lawmakers tour Colorado cannabis industry

Bart Schaneman  | October 17, 2016

State lawmakers from Tennessee and New Jersey have traveled to Colorado recently to glean insights from the medical and recreational marijuana industries there and investigate the potential economic benefits for their own states.

The visits are expected to fuel efforts to pass legislation next year expanding MMJ in Tennessee and establishing adult-use cannabis …

UK to legalize CBD-based products as medicine

Omar Sacirbey  | October 12, 2016

The United Kingdom’s top medical products regulatory authority has ruled that CBD and products containing the cannabis compound will now be treated as medicine.

The announcement, however, doesn’t mean consumers will suddenly be able to buy CBD-infused products. Medicine makers will have to prove their CBD products meet safety, quality and effectiveness standards, …