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MMJ Vaporizer Firm Lands $1.65M From Dutch Province

Omar Sacirbey  | October 30, 2015

A provincial council in the Netherlands will invest about $1.65 million in a company that is working on a vaporization system involving cannabis-impregnated pads.

The company, Spirocan, hopes to complete development next year and then begin clinical trials on patients, company spokesman Pieter Andre de la Porte told the Financieele Dagblad.

The product is expected …

Mexican Supreme Court Delays Cannabis Hearing

Omar Sacirbey  | October 29, 2015

Mexico’s Supreme Court has postponed a landmark hearing on marijuana that could eventually help pave the way for cannabis legalization in the country.

The court was scheduled to begin discussions this week on a recommendation from a judge to allow members of a particular group – the Mexican Society for Tolerant and Responsible Personal Use – to grow and …

MMJ Efforts Advance in Australia, New Zealand Next?

Omar Sacirbey  | October 26, 2015

Marijuana entrepreneurs interested in tapping the newly announced Australian market may want to start their reconnaissance in the state of New South Wales – and keep New Zealand on their radars as well.

The New South Wales government has been ahead of Australia’s legalization curve, establishing the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research and Innovation …

Mexico’s Top Court to Weigh Limited Marijuana Legalization

Omar Sacirbey  | October 21, 2015

Mexico’s Supreme Court will consider a case next week that may help marijuana legalization efforts in the country.

Judge Arturo Zaldivar, one of five Mexican Supreme Court Justices, recently made a recommendation to allow personal cultivation and use of marijuana. The court will take up the issue at a hearing on Oct. 28.

Optimism should be tempered, however, as …

Guest Column: Cannabis Industry Must Dominate Discussion About MJ’s Impact on Young People

John Conlin  | October 20, 2015

By John Conlin

The legalization of medical and adult-use marijuana in the United States appears to be a force that can’t be stopped.

As this occurs, we can expect more scientific research into the biological impacts of cannabis consumption, particularly on young people. This is valuable research, but it also could create major challenges for our nascent industry.

Puerto Rico Legalizes Medical Marijuana

Tony C. Dreibus  | May 4, 2015

Puerto Rico’s governor unexpectedly on Sunday signed an executive order allowing medical marijuana use – but where it will be grown, how it will be distributed and which ailments can legally be treated are still up in the air.

The executive order gives the secretary of health the authority to “intervene extensively” with …

Italian Army Growing Medical Marijuana to Lower Price

John Schroyer  | May 1, 2015

Italy’s army has been hard at work – not fighting in the field, but cultivating medical cannabis in it.

The army is operating a grow site in Florence in a bid to lower the price of MMJ from around 35 euros per gram (around $39) to between five and 15 euros per gram,

MMJ On the Way in Jamaica?

John Schroyer  | January 21, 2015

First, the estate of legendary Jamaican musician Bob Marley moved into the cannabis industry. Now, it looks like Jamaica itself could eventually set up a legal medical marijuana market.

The Jamaican Cabinet has backed a bill that would not only legalize medical marijuana, but also decriminalize small amounts of recreational marijuana and allow …