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Cannabis Company’s Deal With Celebrity Chef Part of Growing Trend

Omar Sacirbey  | February 10, 2016

By Omar Sacirbey

Cresco Labs CEO Charles Bachtell has been going to Mindy’s Hot Chocolate, a well-known Chicago restaurant a short walk from his house, for about 10 years.

Little did Bachtell know that one day he would team up with the restaurant’s owner – nationally known chef Mindy Segal (pictured) – on a cannabis-related endeavor.

FL Lawmakers May Allow MMJ For Terminal Patients

Omar Sacirbey  | February 9, 2016

Florida lawmakers have revived a bill to expand the state’s CBD industry by allowing terminally ill patients to use full-strength medical cannabis, which would provide a boost for licensed businesses.

The state’s current law, passed in 2014, permits only allows high-CBD, low-THC marijuana oils, artificially limiting the market. The proposed new law, revived this week, …

California Marijuana Bans Threaten Thousands of Businesses

John Schroyer  | February 9, 2016

By John Schroyer

The recent wave of local bans and moratoriums on cannabis businesses in California could have brutal repercussions for the state’s medical marijuana industry.

So far, 241 cities and counties have either approved some type of cannabis business ban or have one pending, according to the marijuana consultancy Sugarleaf Productions.

RI Lawmakers to Propose MJ Legalization Bill

Omar Sacirbey  | February 9, 2016

Lawmakers in Rhode Island plan to introduce bills this week that would legalize recreational marijuana in the nation’s smallest state.

The bills, one slated for the state’s House of Representatives and the other in the Senate, are in response to a proposal last week by Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo to track medical …

New York Tribe to Grow, Dispense MMJ

John Schroyer  | February 8, 2016

It looks like New York’s five medical cannabis companies will have some more competition by the end of the year. At least, they will on Long Island.

The Shinnecock Indian Nation, which has a reservation on the eastern part of Long Island, has decided to get into the MMJ business, according to the …

Woody Harrelson Among Hawaii Dispensary Applicants

John Schroyer  | February 8, 2016

Hollywood star Woody Harrelson filed one of the 66 applications in Hawaii for just eight medical cannabis dispensary permits that will be awarded later this year.

Harrelson’s company, Simple Organic Living, submitted a dispensary license application to the state, according to the Associated Press. If the company wins one of the permits, he’ll …

Lack of Outreach Undermining Minnesota’s MMJ Program

Omar Sacirbey  | February 8, 2016

One of Minnesota’s two medical marijuana license holders estimated recently that under the state’s current list of approved conditions, there could be some 300,000 eligible patients in the state who simply don’t know about the program because of a lack of information and outreach.

“There’s a huge chunk of patients who just don’t know this …

Marley Natural Launches Cannabis Brand

Omar Sacirbey  | February 5, 2016

Marley Natural, the company owned by the family of Bob Marley, will launch its branded cannabis products on Feb. 6, which would have been the reggae legend’s 71st birthday.

The company’s cannabis strains will go on sale in three dispensaries in the Los Angeles area, and it will be in “hundreds” of retailers before the …

Some Locals Support Repeal of Oregon MJ Residency Requirements

Omar Sacirbey  | February 5, 2016

As one would expect, a push in Oregon to repeal residency requirements for marijuana business owners has the support of cannabis businesses in other states.

They, after all, have the most to gain if there are no restrictions on who can own a recreational cannabis businesses in Oregon.

But some local entrepreneurs and professionals are surprisingly …

Facebook Closing More Marijuana Retailer Pages Across U.S.

John Schroyer  | February 4, 2016

By John Schroyer and Omar Sacirbey

Social media giant Facebook continues to shut down the pages of state-legal cannabis retailers across the country, Marijuana Business Daily has learned.

More than 20 dispensaries and recreational shops in Arizona, Colorado, Maine, Nevada, New Jersey and Washington State have had their pages shut down over the past week or so.