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Week in Review: Growth potential in New York, Oregon rec market red hot & MI stumbles

John Schroyer  | August 26, 2016

By John Schroyer

New York’s health department recommends doubling the size of the state’s medical marijuana industry, Oregon recreational applications flood in as adult-use sales skyrocket, and Michigan’s MJ legal limbo may persist a few more years.

Here’s a closer look at some notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week.

Landing a Bank Account: Q&A With Sundie Seefried of Partners Colorado Credit Union

Omar Sacirbey  | August 25, 2016

By Omar Sacirbey

Sundie Seefried was ready to retire as CEO of a Colorado credit union when some lawyer friends asked why she couldn’t bank their marijuana business clients.

Good question, she thought. Seefried met with bankers, lawyers and cannabis business owners. What she learned scared her out of retiring.

Michigan rec campaign loses court fight, may not make ballot

John Schroyer  | August 24, 2016

Michigan residents may not get the opportunity to vote on legalizing recreational cannabis in November after a local judge rejected a pro-marijuana campaign’s effort to place an adult-use initiative on the statewide ballot.

Michigan Court of Claims Judge Stephen Borrello ruled on Tuesday the MILegalize campaign broke the rules by collecting signatures outside a …

Big shift in store for Los Angeles medical cannabis businesses

John Schroyer  | August 24, 2016

By John Schroyer

Significant changes are on the way for Los Angeles’ sprawling, largely unregulated medical marijuana industry.

City lawmakers are expected to place a measure on the local ballot next year to reform existing rules and create a new regulatory framework for the MMJ industry.

NY Health Dept. Recommends Doubling MMJ Licenses

Omar Sacirbey  | August 23, 2016

New York’s health department is recommending several business-friendly changes to the state’s medical marijuana program, including one that would double the number of MMJ licenses.

If adopted, the recommendations – which are intended to improve patient access to medical cannabis – would help galvanize New York’s sluggish marijuana industry.

The health department recommends increasing the …