Ancillary Marijuana Companies

Assessing the Marijuana Investment Climate: Q&A With First Capital Venture’s Erin Turoff

John Schroyer  | July 21, 2016

By John Schroyer

Erin Turoff packed her belongings and moved to Denver from New York City earlier this year for one reason: to get into marijuana investing.

The seasoned asset management professional – who previously rubbed elbows with institutional investors and hedge fund managers – is convinced cannabis is the investment world’s next big thing. 

Week in Review: MMJ stare down, miracle wager in cannabis & Colorado’s industry unites

John Schroyer  | July 8, 2016

By John Schroyer and Omar Sacirbey

Two medical marijuana campaigns slug it out in Arkansas, Scotts Miracle-Gro wagers big on a different kind of grass, and Colorado cannabis business leaders unite to fight a potency cap.

Here’s a closer look at some notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week.

Google Preparing to Work With the Cannabis Industry?

Omar Sacirbey  | July 6, 2016

By Omar Sacirbey

Is global technology giant Google the latest major U.S. corporation to kick the tires of the marijuana industry?

It could be. Signs suggest the Mountain View, California-based company is exploring the opportunity to work with cannabis businesses.

Helix TCS acquires Colorado marijuana wholesale site

John Schroyer  | July 5, 2016

Helix TCS, a Colorado cannabis company that offers a wide range of services for industry firms, announced Tuesday it has acquired Cannabase, a leading online wholesale platform where many of the state’s growers and retailers buy and sell marijuana.

The move broadens Helix TCS’s reach into the marijuana industry. Helix, a public company which trades …

Marijuana stigma receding among some big companies

Omar Sacirbey  | June 28, 2016

By Omar Sacirbey

The giants of American business are getting more comfortable about partnering with marijuana-related companies, and they’re willing to go public about it.

In the course of a week, news broke that software giant Microsoft Corp. and Arrow Electronics, a Fortune 150 company, had teamed with marijuana-related businesses.

Firm’s Findings Show Promising Results Among Testing Labs

Omar Sacirbey  | June 27, 2016

Emerald Scientific, a California supplier of equipment and testing products to the cannabis testing sector, has released the results of its latest Emerald Test – which measures the accuracy of dozens of testing labs – and the results are promising.

Nearly 50 labs entered the company’s semi-annual Inter-lab Comparison and Proficiency Test, which measures a …

Fortune 150 Company Partners With Ancillary Cannabis Firm

Omar Sacirbey  | June 24, 2016

MyDx, a maker of handheld chemical analyzers that allow consumers to check the potency of marijuana strains, has struck a deal with Arrow Electronics, a Fortune 150 company, under which Arrow will help manufacture the analyzers and provide other services and credit for San Diego-based MyDx.

The agreement is the latest to emerge involving a marijuana-related company …

Microsoft teams with ancillary marijuana company in landmark partnership

John Schroyer  | June 16, 2016

By John Schroyer

Software giant Microsoft Corp. is teaming up with an established ancillary cannabis firm to land government technology contracts tied to the marijuana sector, a groundbreaking development that could spur other major mainstream companies to work with the industry.