Ancillary Marijuana Companies

Cannabis Real Estate Company Secures $800k in Financing

John Schroyer  | August 13, 2015

An Arizona-based real estate company that specializes in cannabis-related facilities announced Wednesday that it has wrapped up an $800,000 round of funding and is immediately starting a second round.

The firm, Scientific Botanical Leasing, will use the funding for improvements on a facility leased by an Arizona MMJ dispensary that signed a 10-year agreement, as …

Leafly Founders Leverage Experience for New Cannabis Venture

Tony C. Dreibus  | August 13, 2015

By Tony C. Dreibus

Cy Scott, Scott Vickers and Brian Wansolich started Leafly about five years ago, when cannabis was not a topic discussed at cocktail parties.

Now they're taking that hard-won experience building a successful cannabis company to tackle a new challenge.

Texas LED Company Lands $16M in Financing

John Schroyer  | August 11, 2015

A Texas-based lighting business that caters in part to cannabis growers has netted $16 million in funding, lifting the company’s total investment haul to $76.8 million since its inception a decade ago.

Illumitex, which produces high-grade light-emitting diodes (also known as LEDs), raised the money via a round led by WP Global Partners, …

Another Company Looks to Deliver MMJ Via Drones

John Schroyer  | August 6, 2015
Here's a novel business concept: ferry medical marijuana straight to patients using drones instead of humans driving cars, thereby reducing delivery times, increasing reliability and possibly lowering long-term costs.

Google Boots Marijuana Delivery App From Play Store

John Schroyer  | July 20, 2015

Tech giant Google has removed a California medical marijuana delivery service from its Android-based app store, yet another indication of how mainstream companies shun cannabis-focused businesses and services.

The app – called Loud Cannabis – launched in early March and originally received approval from the Google Play store, so it was available to …

Court Sides With IRS on 280E

John Schroyer  | July 10, 2015

A federal appeals court in California has ruled in favor of the 280E portion of the federal tax code, meaning marijuana companies will still have to battle one of the industry’s biggest challenges.

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in a case involving a marijuana club called the Vapor Room, which …

New Businesses Connect CA Wholesale Cannabis Growers to Patients, Cut Out Dispensaries

John Schroyer  | July 9, 2015

By John Schroyer

A new medical marijuana business trend has sprung up in northern California: “farm-to-table” delivery.

At least three startup companies – Potbox, Flow Kana and Loud Cannabis – are specializing in helping wholesale MMJ cultivators sell directly to patients.

Scores of delivery services exist in the state, some operated by dispensaries and others …

New York Cannabis Firm Buys Oregon Utility Building for $3M

John Schroyer  | June 29, 2015

In another sign of the marijuana industry’s growing national reach, a New York-based real estate firm focused on the cannabis industry has spent $3 million on an industrial building in one of Oregon’s largest cities.

The firm, Kalyx Development, has purchased a 107,000-square foot building from the water and electric agency in Eugene, Oregon,

NY Dosing Rules Could Create New Industry Sector

John Schroyer  | June 22, 2015

Strict regulations surrounding medical cannabis dosing in New York could spark new ancillary business opportunities tied to clinical data.

The majority of MMJ states haven’t required specific dosing levels to accompany medical cannabis usage the way that New York will.

The state’s rules are so strict, in fact, that one of the business license applicants, …