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Professor’s Dire Prediction: ‘Beginning of End’ for Medical Marijuana

Chris Walsh  | October 14, 2011

Medical marijuana trade groups, lawyers and industry advisers across the nation are trying to allay fears that the federal government’s crackdown in California will spread to other states. California’s pot industry, they argue, is mostly unregulated, allowing shady businesses to flourish and large-scale marijuana operations … [Continue]

Long Beach Bans Dispensaries, Continuing Calif. Trend

Chris Walsh  | October 13, 2011

Dozens of California cities large and small have come out against medical pot in recent months, with some forcing existing dispensaries to leave town and others enacting bans that will prevent MMCs from setting up shop in the first place.

Now, it looks like the … [Continue]

Next Target of Federal Pot Backlash in California: Marijuana Ads

Chris Walsh  | October 12, 2011

Every day seems to bring a fresh crop of negative headlines for the medical marijuana industry, particularly in California.

And today is no different. A U.S. attorney in southern California revealed that the next stage of the medical weed crackdown will involve targeting Continue]

Professionalism Key to Beating Out MMC Competition

Chris Walsh  | October 5, 2011

Competition in the medical marijuana industry is fierce, particularly in California and Colorado. Many dispensaries are in a race to the bottom in terms of price, offering eights for as low as $20. That’s created razor-thin profit margins for some MMCs, while others are bleeding … [Continue]

Pot Backlash: Half-Dozen Cities, Counties Ban Marijuana Clinics

Chris Walsh  | August 11, 2011

While scouring the Internet for medical marijuana news, I’ve seen a fair share of stories over the past week about cities and communities banning pot shops.

Here are some of the latest developments on this front:

– California is a hotbed of activity when it … [Continue]