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MMJ Tax Hike Needed in San Jose to Fund Referendum, Mayor Says

Chris Walsh  | November 3, 2011

Dispensary owners in San Jose, Calif., recently banded together to fight tough new medical pot regulations in the city, hoping to force a referendum on the issue.

Little did they know it might cost them dearly from a financial perspective.

The owners, who formed a group called Citizens Coalition for Patient Care, collected …

Scope of Federal Medical Marijuana Crackdown Remains Unclear

Chris Walsh  | October 27, 2011

Last spring, Depute U.S. Attorney General James Cole attempted to clarify the federal government’s position on the burgeoning medical marijuana industry. In a memo sent to state attorneys, Cole said that anyone involved in growing or selling marijuana for any reason – and particularly large-scale operations – could face prosecution and might be …

California Lawmakers Denounce Federal ‘Ambush’ of Medical Marijuana Businesses

Chris Walsh  | October 21, 2011

The medical marijuana community in California is getting some crucial support from two Democratic lawmakers who say the federal government’s attack on the sector will have “devastating impacts for the state.”

Assemblyman Tom Ammiano and Sen. Mark Leno of San Francisco held a press conference this week to denounce the Obama administration’s recent moves to …

Professor’s Dire Prediction: ‘Beginning of End’ for Medical Marijuana

Chris Walsh  | October 14, 2011

Medical marijuana trade groups, lawyers and industry advisers across the nation are trying to allay fears that the federal government’s crackdown in California will spread to other states. California’s pot industry, they argue, is mostly unregulated, allowing shady businesses to flourish and large-scale marijuana operations to grow virtually unchecked. Medical marijuana dispensaries have popped up …

Long Beach Bans Dispensaries, Continuing Calif. Trend

Chris Walsh  | October 13, 2011

Dozens of California cities large and small have come out against medical pot in recent months, with some forcing existing dispensaries to leave town and others enacting bans that will prevent MMCs from setting up shop in the first place.

Now, it looks like the pot smoking paradise of Long Beach will follow suit, though …

Professionalism Key to Beating Out MMC Competition

Chris Walsh  | October 5, 2011

Competition in the medical marijuana industry is fierce, particularly in California and Colorado. Many dispensaries are in a race to the bottom in terms of price, offering eights for as low as $20. That’s created razor-thin profit margins for some MMCs, while others are bleeding red ink.

So how can a dispensary set itself apart …