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Black Market Threat to Rec Sales Lower Than Expected: Exclusive Data

Marijuana Business Daily staff  | March 3, 2014
By Anne Holland

The economic threat the black market poses to legalized recreational cannabis sales may have been vastly overstated.

According to a new consumer market research study from the editors of Marijuana Business Daily, more than 60% of cannabis users said their biggest concern … [Continue]

Attorney: Hearing Could Trigger Shift in Nevada’s Medical Marijuana Laws

Chris Walsh  | November 10, 2011

Nevada is technically one of the 16 states in the U.S. with medical marijuana regulations on the books. But its MMJ ordinance has a huge shortcoming: It doesn’t specifically address the selling and buying of cannabis, both of which are illegal under state and federal … [Continue]

Ann Arbor Officials Still Hope to Move Forward With MMC Licensing Program

Chris Walsh  | October 28, 2011

These days, most cities with medical marijuana laws are issuing a moratorium on new pot operations, suspending dispensary licensing programs or backtracking on MMJ plans in general.

Officials in Ann Arbor, Mich., however, are bucking the trend. Scratch that: they’re trying to buck the trend. … [Continue]

Ohio MMJ Legalization Efforts Back on Track

Chris Walsh  | October 25, 2011

A month ago, it seemed efforts to get medical marijuana on the 2012 ballot in Ohio were on the verge of stalling. State election board officials rejected initiatives from two separate groups that submitted petitions to move the process forward, Continue]

Attorney Offers Advice, Best Practices for MIPs

Chris Walsh  | October 17, 2011

Businesses that make marijuana-infused treats have been burgeoning as of late, with patients gobbling up everything from cannabis brownies and ice cream to pot pizza, peanut butter and lasagna.

But the laws and regulations governing edibles are just as vague and confusing as the ones … [Continue]

Professor’s Dire Prediction: ‘Beginning of End’ for Medical Marijuana

Chris Walsh  | October 14, 2011

Medical marijuana trade groups, lawyers and industry advisers across the nation are trying to allay fears that the federal government’s crackdown in California will spread to other states. California’s pot industry, they argue, is mostly unregulated, allowing shady businesses to flourish and large-scale marijuana operations … [Continue]

Voters to Get Final Say on Controversial Montana Marijuana Bill

Chris Walsh  | October 4, 2011

Montana voters will decide the fate of a controversial bill enacted earlier this year that introduced strict limits and regulations on the state’s medical marijuana industry.

The Montana Secretary of State’s office said organizers behind the referendum campaign gathered Continue]