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Professionalism Key to Beating Out MMC Competition

Chris Walsh  | October 5, 2011

Competition in the medical marijuana industry is fierce, particularly in California and Colorado. Many dispensaries are in a race to the bottom in terms of price, offering eights for as low as $20. That’s created razor-thin profit margins for some MMCs, while others are bleeding … [Continue]

Oregon Patients Paying $100 More for Medical Marijuana Cards

Chris Walsh  | October 3, 2011

Starting this week, patients in Oregon will have to pay an extra $100 to obtain or renew medical marijuana cards each year – a move that could restrict the industry’s long-term growth but fill the state’s coffers in the short term.

Patients who want medical … [Continue]

Several MMJ Events, Meetings in Pipeline for August

Chris Walsh  | August 10, 2011

After a flurry of gatherings in late spring, the Colorado medical marijuana community has been relatively quiet on the event front. Blame it on the July 1 compliance deadline – which had dispensaries scrambling to meet new regulations – and the summer break for lawmakers, … [Continue]