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Montana’s Medical Cannabis Industry Shrivelling After Rapid, Uncontrolled Growth

Chris Walsh  | January 3, 2012

Yet another state with medical pot laws on the books is seeing its MMJ sector shrivel as the entire industry grapples with a federal crackdown, damaging court rulings, falling registered patient numbers and community backlash.

This time the contraction is taking place in Montana, where the number of registered patients has nose-dived and dozens of …

Professionalism Key to Beating Out MMC Competition

Chris Walsh  | October 5, 2011

Competition in the medical marijuana industry is fierce, particularly in California and Colorado. Many dispensaries are in a race to the bottom in terms of price, offering eights for as low as $20. That’s created razor-thin profit margins for some MMCs, while others are bleeding red ink.

So how can a dispensary set itself apart …

Oregon Patients Paying $100 More for Medical Marijuana Cards

Chris Walsh  | October 3, 2011

Starting this week, patients in Oregon will have to pay an extra $100 to obtain or renew medical marijuana cards each year – a move that could restrict the industry’s long-term growth but fill the state’s coffers in the short term.

Patients who want medical marijuana card are now being charged $200 each year,

Want To Better Serve Medical Pot Patients? Urge Them To Fill Out Our Questionnaire

Chris Walsh  | August 23, 2011

In line with our mission of helping dispensary owners run their businesses more effectively, we’re looking for advice from those arguably in the best position to give it: patients.

MMJ Business Daily has created a questionnaire that will give us – and, more importantly, you – a better idea of what patients want in a …

Several MMJ Events, Meetings in Pipeline for August

Chris Walsh  | August 10, 2011

After a flurry of gatherings in late spring, the Colorado medical marijuana community has been relatively quiet on the event front. Blame it on the July 1 compliance deadline – which had dispensaries scrambling to meet new regulations – and the summer break for lawmakers, when advocacy efforts die down as well.

Now activity is …