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Opportunities & Challenges in Hemp Investing

Hemp is often looked to as the gateway for cannabis investing, thanks to its federally legal status. But current conditions in the United States – including the COVID-19 pandemic – have created significant challenges, as well.

In this free Investor Intelligence webinar, Brent Williams, founder of Highwater Financial, discusses:

  • How to assess the current hemp opportunities and figure out what makes sense for your portfolio.
  • How the pandemic and recession have impacted the outlook for the industry.
  • What investors should be looking out for with hemp and CBD.

Speaker: Brent Williams, Founder and Managing Partner, Highwater Financial

Brent founded Highwater Financial, a company focused on educating the public about the rapidly growing cannabis industry. Highwater Financial allows investors to diversify between a variety of companies in the cannabis space. After serving as an operations specialist in the Navy, Brent began his career with one of the largest firms in the John Hancock Financial Network and managed a multimillion-dollar book of assets.



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