3-D Printing Creates New Cannabusiness Opportunity

The marijuana industry has spawned a seemingly endless number of ancillary business ideas, and one of the newest might be the most innovative yet.

An Israeli company has invented a 3-D printed MMJ inhaler to help measure dosages for patients.

The firm, Syqe Medical, also designed the inhaler to connect to the Internet over Wi-Fi – even via smartphones and tablet – to aid in monitoring MMJ dosages.

, 3-D Printing Creates New Cannabusiness Opportunity

That in turn will help physicians and researchers gather much-needed data on how much MMJ works for which types of patients, as well as giving users a more reliable way of administering a precisely measured dose of their medicine.

Three-dimensional printing involves using a machine to product small-scale objects based on a from a digital file. Different types of materials – often plastic or metal – can be used.

The inhaler is pocket-sized and utilizes pre-loaded cartridges filled with cannabis granules. Thus far, most of the printing has been done in-house, Syqe’s CEO said.

Syqe hopes to have its inhaler available in Israeli hospitals by the end of 2014 for home use next year.