4 Board Members Join NCIA

Four new directors will join the board of the National Cannabis Industry Association, a member-based organization that lobbies on behalf of marijuana businesses.

Aaron Justis of Buds & Roses Collective, Kristopher Krane of 4Front Advisors, Lakisha Jenkins of the California Cannabis Industry Association and Lance Ott of Guardian Data Systems will serve on the board of directors for the 2014-16 term.  Seven current board members were also re-elected.

, 4 Board Members Join NCIAExecutives from companies that rank as “sustaining” members of NCIA can run for a seat on the board. Two dozen candidates were in the running this year for 11 open slots, with finalists chosen by current members.

Board members must contribute at least $5,000 annually to either NCIA or the organization’s federal political action committee. They also must pay annual their sustaining membership dues of $500 a month or $5,000 annually.

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One comment on “4 Board Members Join NCIA
  1. Rick payne on

    I am a tier-1 grower in Washington state I support the I- 502 that was passed by Washington voters however our lawmakers our trying to make it harder for us to get up started so I sign up to run for office please put the work out that I am running for state Rep. Dist. #2 Pos.2 we need one of our own in office who can tell the lawmakers what needed.
    Also sent me any of your problems you’re having with local or state issue regarding our industry of marijuana recreational, medical, or food well as zoning , banking or getting approval for your business .
    Thanks for your help
    Rick E. Payne
    [email protected]

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