6 Massachusetts Towns Already Trying to Ban Dispensaries Ahead of MMJ Legalization Vote

, 6 Massachusetts Towns Already Trying to Ban Dispensaries Ahead of MMJ Legalization Vote

With Massachusetts poised to become the 18th US state to legalize medical marijuana, cannabis advocates are gearing up for a major celebration on election night.

But some local officials are already looking to crash the party, pursuing policies that would prevent medical marijuana dispensaries from opening in their towns.

Six communities – Hudson, Malden, Melrose, Reading, Saugus, and Wakefield – are reportedly trying to change zoning laws or take other measures to effectively ban cannabis centers, according to the Boston Globe.

Massachusetts voters will decide in the upcoming elections whether to legalize marijuana for medical purposes under a plan that would allow up to 35 nonprofit dispensaries to distribute cannabis. The latest polls show strong support for the legalization measure (called Question 3), indicating that the initiative will pass by a landslide.

With that as the backdrop, officials in some Massachusetts towns are concerned about the possibility of increased crime and the abuse of state MMJ laws, indicating that many people who sign up for MMJ cards will likely have no medical reason to do so. They point to other states that have legalized medical marijuana to back up their claims. The Boston Globe, for instance, quotes a health officials as saying that “the average purchaser in California is a 32-year-old white male with no other underlying medical conditions.”

However, these claims are debatable and selective. Few studies actually link medical marijuana dispensaries with increased crime, and in fact some have shown exactly the opposite. And while California might have a younger MMJ patient population, Colorado skews much higher, with an average age of 41.

The other concern among some Massachusetts officials is that the legalization measure is too vague. It doesn’t, for example, specify exactly how much marijuana a patient could possess at any given time. This is a more valid concern. As we’ve seen in California, lax MMJ laws do lead to more abuse – and, in turn, scrutiny from the government.

If a vast majority of voters pass the Massachusetts legalization measure as expected, however, it would be a very unpopular move politically for cities to start banning dispensaries. So the six cities moving in that direction now will likely be the exception, not the rule.

3 comments on “6 Massachusetts Towns Already Trying to Ban Dispensaries Ahead of MMJ Legalization Vote
  1. Bud Green on

    While it’s become the conventional political wisdom to decry California’s MMJ laws as being “too lax,” there’s no evidence to support the conclusion that more abuse results. The main reason for that is that nobody seems to agree what “abuse” really means. To the cops and puritans, anyone who uses MMJ without suffering from terminal cancer are gaming the system to get high and also to buy their pot legally. This perception doesn’t change appreciably when tougher regulations or qualifying medical conditions are applied; the only net result is to reduce access to patients as regulators decide who’s “sick enough” to partake, and under what limited circumstances they may do so.

  2. john mason on

    i”m discusted with the delay”s i thought that we voted for medical marijuana !! or am i wrong ?? just because of all these people don”t want it there city ,well then who voted for it ?? i need medical marijuana now not tomorrow not six month”s from now but right now !! some people don”t know what the hell there talking about !! there not in pain they don”t have to use opiot”s that are ripping through our liver”s i been waiting for 22 years for this but now wait wait wait W.T.F. IS UP WITH THAT ?? SOMEONE PLEASE SPELL IT OUT FOR ME NOT ONE OF YOU HATERS OF A GREAT MEDICINE !! BUT SOMEONE WHO KNOW”S W.T.F. THERE TALKING ABOUT DELAY”S WHY I JUST DON”T UNDERSTAND THE WHOLE THING !! I THINK IT”S A BUNCH OF BULL S**T IF YOU ASK ANYONE WHO HAS CHRONIC PAIN !! MY NAME IS JOHN MASON

  3. Pete on

    Damn right John Mason! I suffer from chronic pain amongst other afflictions but people don’t understand until they discover what cannabis can do for them. Hey FEDS , 52% spoke up ! Time for you to follow through!

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