7 Denver Cannabis Shops Busted for Selling to Minors

Denver Police announced this week that seven cannabis stores in the city were cited for selling to minors as part of a wide-ranging sting operation, giving the city’s recreational marijuana industry a black eye.

As a result of the sting – which involved 30 shops – the overall compliance rate for the state’s marijuana industry fell to 91% vs. 100% previously, according to a local TV report. That’s about the same compliance rate as liquor stores.

A previous sting in 2014 found no violations, according to the report.

Seven employees were ticketed at the shops and charged with a class 1 misdemeanor for selling cannabis to a person under 21. The shops that were busted in the sting operation include The Herbal Cure, The Healing House, Pure Medical Dispensary, LaContes Clone Bar, Herbs 4 You, Mile High Green Cross and Higher Expectations.

Though the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division didn’t indicate whether the shops would lose their business licenses as a result of the sting, that is a possible outcome. Denver Police said they have filed administrative cases with the city attorney’s office to further investigate the seven businesses, and the state is also taking a closer look at the shops.

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