70% of Canadians Support Marijuana Legalization, Decrim

Canadians overwhelmingly favor loosening the country’s cannabis laws, according to a poll commissioned by the country’s justice department.

The survey found that 70% of respondents back the legalization of marijuana or the decriminalization of small amounts of cannabis.

Just 13.7% of respondents feel the status quo is adequate, and a lower number reported a desire for the implementation of stricter laws.

, 70% of Canadians Support Marijuana Legalization, DecrimThe strong public support bodes well for Canada’s cannabis industry, as it could fuel efforts to legalize recreational marijuana down the road. Medical marijuana is already legal countrywide, and the government recently opened the industry to the free market.

The survey – which cost the government $175,000 – was conducted months ago but not released to the public. It only came to light when Canadian press sources obtained results.