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US marijuana reform leaders lower post-election expectations, including legalization hopes

In the wake of yet another surprising electoral outcome – in which Republicans are now favored to retain control of the U.S. Senate – national marijuana reform organizations are weighing their prospects for the next Congress. The consensus is there’s a solid likelihood for progress – including banking access for cannabis companies – but not […]

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2020 election updates, analysis & highlights

Marijuana Business Daily reporters and editors are providing live coverage of the 2020 general election, focusing on legalization ballot measures in five states as well as key federal races that could affect MJ reform. Scroll down for updates our staff has filed about the states voting on marijuana-related proposals as well as potentially pivotal U.S. congressional […]

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US House vote delay likely won’t derail marijuana reform momentum

The postponement of a U.S. House vote until after the November election to remove marijuana from the federal Controlled Substances Act is a disappointment to many in the industry, but it changes little in terms of the momentum of reform. That is, as long as the House remains controlled by Democrats, as is highly expected. […]

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State treasurers group lobbies for marijuana banking in coronavirus bill

A coalition of state treasurers across the country are urging Congress to include cannabis banking reform in the next coronavirus relief stimulus package to give the economy a needed infusion of capital while protecting marijuana workers who currently handle mostly cash transactions. The U.S. House did include the SAFE Banking Act, which would enable financial […]

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Week in Review: US House passes relief bill with cannabis banking, MO permit probe extends, ME lifts residency mandate & more

The U.S. House of Representatives approved legislation allowing banks to serve cannabis companies by wrapping the measure into a $3 trillion coronavirus economic relief package. The massive economic stimulus bill, proposed by House Democrats, includes language from the SAFE Banking Act, which was previously approved by the House last September and is aimed at guaranteeing […]

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