Trulieve Cannabis reports receiving $113 million in 280E tax refunds

Marijuana multistate operator Trulieve Cannabis Corp. revealed that it has received $113 million worth of tax refunds as it challenges what it owes under Section 280E of the Internal Revenue Code.

Opinion: Is Trulieve’s refund claim the cannabis industry’s way out of 280E?

Trulieve Cannabis Corp.’s highly publicized $143 million federal income tax refund claims created a frenzy of hope that seems to offer the marijuana industry a way out. But does it?

Opinion: Cannabis companies should file amended tax returns to claim 280E refunds

Two legal cases have realistic chances of success, meaning cannabis operators should consider filing amended federal tax returns claiming refunds.

Rescheduling marijuana would liberate plant-touching firms from Section 280E

If and when rescheduling becomes law, regulated marijuana business owners in the United States would enjoy an enormous tax cut, as the notorious IRS Section 280E would no longer apply.

Cannabis stakeholders upbeat about prospects for end of 280E, stress need for risk-taking

Industry stakeholders speaking at MJBizCon on Wednesday expressed optimism that the Biden administration will reschedule marijuana as a less dangerous drug in the months ahead, a move that would allow cannabis businesses to escape the steep taxes levied under Section 280E of the federal tax code.

What the end of 280E might mean for cannabis business taxes

As the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration weighs whether to revise marijuana to a Schedule 3 controlled substance, regulated cannabis producers are looking forward to the prospect of easing their heavy tax burdens under Section 280E of the federal tax code.

Marijuana MSO Trulieve seeks $143M federal refund for 280E taxes

Multistate marijuana company Trulieve Cannabis Corp. is seeking a federal tax refund of $143 million, saying it “believes it does not owe” the taxes it paid over three years.

Opinion: Cannabis businesses could recoup millions on exit, thanks to ‘280E asset’

A combination of tax methods could help cannabis companies reduce their tax burden under Section 280E of the federal tax code.

Maine latest state to offer marijuana businesses some 280E tax relief

Maine will allow legal marijuana businesses to take some tax deductions on their state returns to make up for forbidden expenses on their federal taxes.

Small marijuana businesses take advantage of purported 280E loophole

A growing number of marijuana businesses are taking advantage of a tax strategy that might reduce the costly financial burden imposed by Section 280E of the federal tax code.

More states reduce 280E tax burden on cannabis industry

The U.S. cannabis industry is benefiting from long-desired tax relief now that an increasing number of states – 20 so far – have approved laws that exempt, or “decouple,” businesses from Section 280E of the federal tax code.