Cannabis cultivation checklist: All you need to know to make your plants thrive

Marijuana doesn’t miraculously “grow like a weed.”

OK, if you were to toss a few seeds outside, they may grow into fantastic cannabis plants, but that’s not how it usually happens.

Cannabis company Nabis completes $23 million funding round

California cannabis distributor Nabis said it raised $23 million in a Series B fundraising round in a quest to expand daily operations and the company’s online wholesaling platform.

Raising money for cannabis business in a recession

When Marijuana Business Magazine spoke with Artemis Holdings Group founder Sheri Orlowitz a year ago (see “Raising Capital” in the July 2019 issue), a range of investors was keenly interested in the cannabis industry.

Then came the double-whammy of the vaping crisis and the coronavirus-fueled stock market crash. Now, money is tight—especially for plant-touching companies.

Winners’ Circle: 2019 MJBizDaily Awards honor cannabis industry leaders, induct inaugural Hall of Famers

We highlight the winners of the 2019 MJBizDaily Awards and share what prompted judges to cast their deciding votes.

Opportunities continue to multiply for US cannabis companies seeking to raise capital

The American marijuana industry is in a far better place for businesses seeking to raise money than it was a year ago.

In fact, the landscape has grown leaps and bounds from three or four years ago, when there were fewer than 20 medical cannabis markets in the U.S., and Colorado and Washington were the only states with recreational cannabis companies.

Veteran cannabis executives seeking to raise capital reveal when – and how – to court investors

Raising money in the U.S. cannabis industry today is far different than it was one year ago – and unrecognizable from three or four years ago, when the United States had barely 20 medical marijuana markets, and Colorado and Washington were the only states selling recreational cannabis.