Germany’s plan to legalize recreational marijuana hits potential hurdle

The health minister of Germany’s largest state is asking a key European Union official to block Germany’s plan to regulate recreational cannabis production and sales.

Akanda sends first medical cannabis shipment to Germany

Global company Akanda announced the arrival and sale in Germany of its first shipment of medical cannabis from Portugal.

Germany’s proposed adult-use cannabis legalization plan excludes imports

The German government published key details of its plan to legalize and regulate adult-use cannabis, including what Health Minister Karl Lauterbach described as “complete” cultivation within the country.

Germany may rely on domestic cannabis cultivation, leaked paper suggests 

Germany’s recreational cannabis market should impose a cap on potency and rely on domestic cultivation, according to preliminary proposals for the planned recreational market by the country’s Ministry of Health.

Health minister: Germany taking safety-first approach to marijuana legalization

The focus of Germany’s upcoming adult-use marijuana legalization will be safety and the protection of youth from negative health effects, according to Germany’s health minister.

In Germany, big questions on recreational cannabis legalization still unanswered

Germany is forging ahead with plans to establish Europe’s first national recreational cannabis market, but details about the rules that will govern the industry remain scarce.

Germany kicks off preparatory phase of cannabis legislation

Germany is set to launch a series of expert hearings at the Federal Ministry of Health this week as part of the country’s plan to legalize cannabis production and sale.

Germany to legalize recreational cannabis sales, incoming coalition pledges

The three parties expected to form the next government in Germany have agreed to regulate the distribution and sale of recreational cannabis, according to a coalition agreement released Wednesday.

Survey: Majority in Germany still opposes adult-use cannabis legalization

A slim majority of eligible voters in Germany opposes legalizing recreational marijuana, according to a new poll.