Cannabis grow-supply giant terminates Michigan deal, moves into New Mexico

GrowGeneration Corp., a Denver-based specialty hydroponic and organic garden center giant, is terminating a previously announced deal to purchase HGS Hydro, which owns a chain of hydroponic garden centers across Michigan.

Marijuana cultivation giant purchases gardening store in Washington state

Cannabis cultivation company GrowGeneration Corp. is continuing its shopping spree, announcing it has purchased Hoagtech Hydroponics, a hydroponic equipment and indoor gardening store based in Bellingham, Washington.

How to sell an ancillary cannabis business: Q&A with Lbs Distribution CEO Ross Haley

When Ross Haley entered the cannabis industry 20 years ago, it was to sell the proverbial “picks and shovels” with Ag Natural, an ancillary company he founded to focus on gardening supplies for Northern California marijuana farmers.

Cannabis grow-supply giant buys Michigan garden center chain

Denver-based cannabis cultivation company GrowGeneration Corp. said it is buying HGS Hydro, a chain of hydroponic garden centers with six stores across Michigan and a seventh store slated to open in the fall.

US cannabis sales off to strong start in 2021

Cannabis sales in 2021 were expected to be muted, relative to sales in 2020, but instead, transaction volume from new consumers supported unexpectedly high growth rates early this year.