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Why 3 illicit marijuana operators decline to go legal in California

California is approaching its fourth year of legal recreational marijuana, yet the underground market is as strong as ever and is making it harder for licensed companies to eke out a profit. Saddled by steep regulatory and compliance costs, legal marijuana companies in California can’t compete with illicit operators on product prices. Administrative bottlenecks, substantial […]

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BC steers consumers to legal cannabis market, citing tainted illicit products

British Columbia is encouraging the public to buy government-regulated cannabis instead of illicit products after finding contaminants in samples of marijuana seized from illicit dispensaries. The provincial government announcement highlights the challenges of addressing unregulated cannabis sales in the West Coast province, which has a long history of illicit cannabis production. Vancouver, the province’s largest […]

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Canada’s legal cannabis market continues to erode illicit market’s share

The gap between Canada’s legal and illicit cannabis markets continues to widen, the latest Statistics Canada data suggests. Household spending on adult-use cannabis products in regulated channels grew to 918 million Canadian dollars ($800 million) in the final quarter of 2020, or CA$204 million more than the estimated amount spent on illicit cannabis in the […]

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California destroys 1.1 million illicit cannabis plants

California’s annual campaign against illegal marijuana cultivation eradicated more than 1.1 million plants at 455 grow sites. The 13-week effort by state, local and federal agencies in 29 counties went off despite difficulties stemming from coronavirus precautions and massive wildfires, officials said Thursday. Because of competition from illicit operators, California’s legal marijuana businesses haven’t been […]

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Ontario government cannabis prices beating illicit market, report says

Ontario’s government-operated Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) claims it is undercutting illicit marijuana prices with an average price of 7.05 Canadian dollars ($5.30) per gram of dried flower, taxes included, during its first fiscal quarter. In comparison, the average price for a gram of marijuana from illicit mail-order dispensaries was CA$7.98, the OCS said in a […]

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