L.A. adopts emblem program in bid to crack down on illicit cannabis operators

Cannabis retailers in Los Angeles will soon be able to display an official emblem that signals to customers they are operating a state-licensed business.

New York’s illicit marijuana market thrives ahead of adult-use launch

Scores of illicit shops are flourishing across New York, posing a competitive threat to the state’s upcoming multibillion-dollar adult-use marijuana industry.

Online cannabis retail regulations in Alberta highlight fight against illicit websites

The government of Alberta, Canada, officially handed over responsibility for online cannabis sales and delivery to the private sector on Tuesday, with a handful of companies prepared to start marijuana e-commerce and more on the way.

In move to stifle illicit sales, NJ won’t allow cannabis home grows, report says

The legal right to grow marijuana at home apparently will not apply to cannabis consumers in New Jersey once the state’s adult-use market launches.

Oklahoma aims to beef up enforcement efforts on illicit medical marijuana businesses

Oklahoma’s enforcement against unlicensed medical marijuana companies is likely to increase significantly in 2022 now that state regulators have taken advantage of increased funding and have ramped up hiring of cannabis business inspectors.

Oregon lawmakers earmark $25 million to combat illicit marijuana grows

Oregon lawmakers set aside $25 million to crack down on illegal marijuana grows, which have become a major issue in the state.

San Francisco delays marijuana tax a second time to combat illicit market

San Francisco authorities approved a second one-year suspension of the city’s marijuana business tax, a decision intended to help licensed cannabis businesses become more competitive with illegal dealers.

Oklahoma medical marijuana businesses demand steps to combat illicit grows

Concerns over expanding illicit cannabis operations in Oklahoma are putting pressure on regulators and law enforcement to take action to stamp out the alleged criminal activity some argue is hiding behind the state’s booming legal medical marijuana industry.

California’s ramped-up enforcement seizes 1.2 million illicit cannabis plants

Enforcement against illicit cannabis operators continues to ramp up in California, with authorities having seized 1.2 million illegal plants and more than 180,000 pounds of processed marijuana in 2021 alone, state Attorney General Rob Bonta announced.

Oregon county officials seek National Guard help versus illicit cannabis grows

Commissioners from a county in Southern Oregon are asking for help from the state’s National Guard in their fight against illegal cannabis grow sites.

California authorities struggle to curb illicit marijuana operators who challenge legal firms

A recent $1 billion bust on the outskirts of Los Angeles County unearthed the vast scope of California’s underground marijuana market and the challenges of reining in illegal operators who are undercutting the state’s licensed cannabis businesses.