California looting spurs regulators to remove online cannabis licensing info

In response to recent looting of California cannabis retailers, at least two of the three agencies that oversee the state’s marijuana industry have removed from public view their online databases containing business information.

New rash of California marijuana robberies threaten survival of businesses

A spate of violent robberies targeting marijuana businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area last month have thrown into question the survival of several small businesses, with the combined losses of those operators estimated to be at least $5 million.

San Francisco delays marijuana tax a second time to combat illicit market

San Francisco authorities approved a second one-year suspension of the city’s marijuana business tax, a decision intended to help licensed cannabis businesses become more competitive with illegal dealers.

Here’s how to get the most out of your cannabis insurance policy

The coronavirus pandemic brought many marijuana businesses to a halt in the spring.

Then, in May and June, marijuana companies were targeted in a rash of robberies and lootings.

And, in late summer, wildfires began destroying cannabis farms across the West Coast.

Need to protect your cannabis grow? Here are some security measures to consider

Thieves are getting more brazen in their attacks on marijuana companies, especially cultivation operations.