Denmark medical cannabis sales mostly on the rise, but pilot program sputters

Denmark’s medical cannabis sales took a breather in 2022 after experiencing consistent growth for half a decade, according to new data from the Danish Health and Medicines Authority.

Argentina launches cannabis regulatory agency with eye on exports

Argentina launched a national regulatory agency for the hemp and medical marijuana industries, aiming to capitalize on the domestic and international markets.

Danish marijuana companies attracted $217 million in funding, report finds

Medical marijuana companies in Denmark attracted external capital of more than 1.5 billion Danish kroner ($217 million), including founders’ own investments, which works out to an average of $6 million per business.

Denmark medical cannabis sales post a positive quarter thanks to Epidiolex

Sales of medical marijuana in Denmark posted healthy gains in the third quarter of 2020, coinciding with the launch of GW Pharmaceuticals’ cannabis drug Epidiolex.

Argentina redraws medical cannabis rules, allowing home cultivation

Argentinian authorities published a new decree aiming to address the shortcomings of the rules governing the country’s medical cannabis sector, which has largely failed to materialize since an initial law and decree were approved in 2017.