Japan urged to consider medical cannabinoid importsĀ 

A panel set up by Japanā€™s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is recommending that the nationā€™s lawmakers carve out a legal pathway to import scientifically proven medical cannabinoids, similar to the approach South Korea took about four years ago.

Why Canadian cannabis retailer ShinyBud is buying pharmacies

Ontario, Canada, cannabis store chain ShinyBud is expanding its retail portfolio with a plan to acquire independent pharmacies and aspirations to synergize those pharmacies with its adult-use stores.

Denmark medical cannabis sales post a positive quarter thanks to Epidiolex

Sales of medical marijuana in Denmark posted healthy gains in the third quarter of 2020, coinciding with the launch of GW Pharmaceuticals’ cannabis drug Epidiolex.

Brazil postpones evaluation of CBD formulation for medical coverage

A government evaluation to include a specific CBD formulation in Brazil’s Public Health System (SUS) has been postponed.