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The power of cannabis product branding and development: Q&A with Papa & Barkley CEO Adam Grossman

Adam Grossman developed a marijuana-based pain balm that succeeded where other medicines and the local hospital failed, quelling a debilitating back pain that left his father bedridden. It was “an empowering experience” that Grossman turned into an infused cannabis business with a strong sense of brand – Papa & Barkley. Papa refers to Grossman’s father, […]

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Ancillary marijuana companies hit by declining economies pivot to emerging MJ markets

Tumbling wholesale cannabis prices in some markets are devastating plant-touching operators and generating negative fallout for ancillary companies that provide services and products to those businesses. In order for supplementary companies such as accountants, consultants and security firms to continue to grow and maintain healthy revenue streams, some owners are looking to emerging cannabis markets […]

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Chart of the Week: California marijuana business licenses expiring at a rapid clip

California’s cannabis industry is facing a licensing quandary, which state legislation likely will address, but the situation could still prove problematic for businesses that want to comply with the law instead of joining the illicit market. The problem: Thousands of temporary business licenses – under which most of the legal MJ supply chain has operated since […]

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Seattle law firm sues US government over marijuana industry border bans

A Washington state law firm is suing the U.S. government in an attempt to gain “immediate” access to records it hopes will shed light on why some foreign nationals – particularly Canadians – have been denied entry to the United States because of their involvement in the legal cannabis industry. The suit targeting the U.S. […]

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