Advocate: Paraphernalia Sales Legal Under Florida MMJ Bill

Florida’s medical marijuana ballot measure will create an overlooked business opportunity: paraphernalia sales.

Currently, it’s illegal in Florida to sell pipes for smoking marijuana. But Amendment 2 – the measure to legalize MMJ – would approve the use of “related supplies,” in effect overturning the state’s “bong ban,” according to a key advocate.

While much of the hype around the legislation centers on the potential for dispensaries and cultivation sites, the new law could open up another avenue for entrepreneurs looking to get involved in the industry.

, Advocate: Paraphernalia Sales Legal Under Florida MMJ BillFlorida legal experts hedged their bets when asked about the issue by the Tampa Tribune, saying it will ultimately be up to the the state Legislature to redefine legal MMJ paraphernalia.

Alternatively, the issue could be decided in court if law enforcement decides to make an issue out of it, since bongs and pipes aren’t expressly spelled out in the ballot measure.

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3 comments on “Advocate: Paraphernalia Sales Legal Under Florida MMJ Bill
  1. Alex on

    It’s about time Florida gets on board with MMJ .my wife has suffered chronic crones disease for over 10 years with myself having to get her meds in the black market other wise her intervention would be a medicine she will never be able to stop for the rest of her life with 100 times more adverse future effects including lymphoma , leukemia , pancreatic cancer and other cancers !! Thank you God

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