Alabama lawmakers take initial step of legalizing limited medical cannabis

Alabama lawmakers advanced a bill that would establish a limited medical marijuana sales and taxation program to treat debilitating illnesses and conditions.

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 6-2 in favor of the bill after a public hearing. The bill now moves to the full Alabama Senate, which is Republican-controlled.

The bill by Republican Sen. Tim Melson of Florence would:
  • Cap THC content at 3%.
  • Establish a Medical Cannabis Commission that would develop a cultivation, processing and dispensary licensing regime based in part on projected market demand. The agency would issue those licensing rules no later than Jan. 1, 2021.

Proponents of the bill said medical marijuana has been proved to help people with some illnesses without the danger of opioids.

Opponents asked lawmakers to keep all marijuana illegal, predicting an MMJ program would be abused.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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16 comments on “Alabama lawmakers take initial step of legalizing limited medical cannabis
    • Josh Franklin on

      Fr….. 3 percent. Alabama probably have folks smoking stems. 3 percent. How do you even grow weak strains like that,it’s not 1999. And I’d rather marijuana being abused than opioids… Folks are dying

    • Jasen Burns on

      That makes zero botanical, medical, farming, business and common sense. You cannot “cap” without creating a monster of BS red tape big govt corruption that we now face in California. Please do not follow Florida’s model, and treat it like the commodity is.

  1. Jeremiah Johnson on

    Setting a ridiculous no-helping limit of 3 percent is …well ridiculous! Better just to keep things as they are and wait for the rest of the country to get legal and wake up Alabama in the process. There was another state that tried to pull the same thing. 3%? Have they checked to see what works in other states and what doesn’t? Do they need someone else to take the reins and plan something more feasible and reasonable to “We the people”?

    • Bill on

      I know, 3% right? I live in Bama, and I found out years ago that smoking marijuana helped with my chronic back pain, and nice surprise along with it working for my pain was to discover that it also controlled my epileptic seizures….they’re almost non-existent.

      After about 6 years of daily use, of which I had not a single grand mal seizure, the economy tanked and I had to quit smoking so I could get another job. Anyway after 6 years of being seizure free they came back within weeks of quitting, so after finding a job I immediately started back.

      Then Alabama passed the bill to allow anyone with debilitating condition to use 3% oil….if they could get it here from far far away, breaking federal drug trafficking laws as you passed from State to state with federal contraband!!!…so I tried the oil. Worked for my seizures, but not to hot on the chronic pain from bulging discs and arthritis. I’m a firm believer that the best benefit is gained from infusing the entire essence of the plant. I believe the different components have an entourage effect, because the best relief I get is from stong infused butter which I can drop about 6 tbsp into a bowl of grits in the morning and my pain stays tolerable for about 8 – 10 hours….before weed my pain was so bad I was taking far too many opioids, sometimes 4 – 7.5/500 hydrocodone pills at a time just so I could continue working. Back to the butter – that much relief and I’m not even intoxicated, but when I was abusing opioids to get relief I was high out of my mind….and working!!! Thank God for such a wonderful plant. Opioids are a thing of the past as long as I can keep myself supplied with God’s medicine.

  2. Kevin S. on

    I’s about time, we are always the last state to have things like this passed. Glaucoma treatment is one of the reason this should pass. Treatment is to prevent loss of vision, Medical Cannabis is a non invasive way to treat a very bad disease that effects a lot of older people.

  3. Roy Dean on

    Thank God states are approving medical marijuana . I suffer from muscular dystrophy and have been down the pill trail. I took myself off the opiods after my brother died in 2015 from scrosis of the liver without ever drinking, when we were cleaning his apartment out and he had over a dozen different prescription drugs,half which were narcotic. I began smoking marijuana in 2015 and now am facing a criminal charge because police stormed my place because they smelled it. So yay for any advancement in medical marijuana

  4. Ari on

    Which ever police officer said that marijuana is not a safe drug and that it’s dangerous, is a real idiot he clearly has not done any research or anything he is just going off simply how he was raised now believe it or not him saying that on tv was ludicrous and a lie he should be fired for lying to people on national television, it is not dangerous and it is not “highly addictive”

  5. Doug Arnold on

    66 year old retired citizen with a 94 year old mother who lives in pain daily. We both could benefit from medical & recreational marijuana being available. The recreational products with THC in them actually hold great pain relief, anxiety relief and increase appetite and just a relaxed feeling. Police need to be working all the other crime going on and NOT have to deal with a kid with a joint or a elderly person just trying to get pain relief without using opiate drugs. Come on Alabama get with the other states coming to a realization that pot holds benefits above and beyond what the average citizen realizes.

  6. Austin on

    3%? What on Earth would that amount do to help someone with a debilitating disease? Absolutely nothing! Even though FL isn’t completely with the program, they’re trying. Thank God for my state, God’s plant, & the legal right to medicate naturally! Alabama, get with the rest of the country. It’s a plant for Pete’s sake?

  7. Eric J Robertson on

    3%? And our police will still try to arrest people. Alabama needs to stop giving counties their own laws. Alabama lawmakers are such morons, if it was an addictive, harmful drug it would’ve harmed people by now, not even it’s smoke does any major or long term damage to lungs. Educate yourself before you become a lawmaker, or else everyone in the state will think you’re a dumbass.

  8. Crystal Elliott on

    About time we started moving in the right direcrion anyways. Hopefully once they do a little research they will see like someone else said that the 3% is a joke and perhaps they will really consider helping there own people and there own state instead of providing bordering states with extra revenue that could potentially remain in state.

  9. Denise Young mortensen on

    3%, that is a waste of time and money, I mean way to go , you finally have a way to help people and you mess it up. Once again, now just goes to show yall don’t want to help people or anything like that people who are sick need it to be stronger than that, so I guess we’re back to the only thing good here is ROLL TIDE ROLL

  10. Dave Anderson on

    That is nice that marijuana has helped people with illnesses without the opioid danger. Maybe it would be good for a state to legalize marijuana for medical usage. That is something I would want so that my brother with cancer could ease his pain.

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