Alabama Senate passes medical cannabis bill

The Alabama Senate on Thursday passed a medical marijuana bill that would license 34 dispensaries across the state.

The bill also would permit people with a doctor’s recommendation to use MMJ for 15 conditions.

In addition, the measure allows medical cannabis in forms such as pills, skin patches and creams but not in smoking or vaping products.

Senators voted 22-11 for the bill sponsored by Republican Sen. Tim Melson after five hours of debate.

The legislation now moves to the Alabama House of Representatives, where its fate is uncertain.

The Senate approval was a moment of optimism for medical marijuana advocates who for years made little headway in the conservative-leaning state.

In 2013, a medical marijuana bill won the so-called “Shroud Award” for the “deadest” bill in the House of Representatives.

Melson said he is optimistic about the bill’s chances this legislative session.

“Things have changed. We learn as we go in life and people have realized there are benefits,” Melson said before the debate.

The bill faces opposition from Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall, who sent lawmakers a letter noting that marijuana remains illegal under federal law.

Last year, a Senate-passed bill stalled in the House.

“We are just in a wait and see mode,” Alabama House Speaker Mac McCutcheon, a Republican, said.

– Jeff Smith and Associated Press

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One comment on “Alabama Senate passes medical cannabis bill
  1. Bradley Broughton on

    As a 62 year old soon to be 63 with Parkinson’s Secondary I am hoping as y’all know the benefits for this regulated medicine are very promising for individuals such as myself. I also have had two back surgeries and 1neck surgery with 3 more ruptured discs existing. High blood pressure and diabetes are my other problems. In a non smoking form, I cannot understand why it could not be viable for helping people with a better quality of life. I do not drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or marijuana. I do try CBD to help with my shaking. It doesn’t always work. I can only be honest and say I used to smoke pot. I can’t now in order for me to obtain narcotic meds. I am drug tested every month which is fine with me. I know that the effects of the natural form is much better for my shaking. And my Anxiety is nearly gone when I used before. I believe regulated non smoking forms are a good health issue for this medicine. Please pass this bill. Yours Sincerely, Bradley Broughton

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