AK Agency Passes On-Site MJ Consumption Amendment

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Alaska’s Marijuana Control Board on Thursday approved an amendment to the state’s draft regulations governing on-site cannabis consumption that would permit customers to take a doggy bag home with any unused product they didn’t consume at retail MJ shops.

Alaska is expected to have the first on-site marijuana consumption program in the nation.

The amendment would permit consumers to buy cannabis at licensed on-site cannabis retailers, and then leave the store with any leftover marijuana products as long as they’re resealed in a package, Alaska’s newsminer.com reported.

“My desire is to see a space where people can purchase products and consume a legal portion of them and leave with the remainder of it in a legal fashion,” board member Mark Springer said at the meeting, which was held in Fairbanks.

Before the amendment was introduced, the draft regulations said marijuana products “may not” leave the premises of an on-site consumption retailer.

Before the board can officially approve the updated draft regulations, they must be submitted for a public review and a 30-day comment period, newsminer.com reported.