Alaska MJ business owners concerned over advertising rules

Business owners in Alaska’s newly formed recreational cannabis industry can add advertising to the list of issues they face.

Last fall, Alaska became the fourth U.S. state to roll out an adult-use marijuana program, and it quickly ran into supply problems.

Now marijuana business owners are attempting to wade through murky advertising rules to determine if what they’re doing complies with state and federal law.

According to the Alaska Dispatch News, the state’s Marijuana Control Board met recently to discuss advertising regulations and iron out just what constitutes an ad and how businesses are allowed to promote themselves.

Advisers acknowledged that there are some gray areas, as the state’s marijuana regulations don’t define the word “advertisement.”

They cautioned against aggressive advertising, in particular because of uncertainties tied to the incoming Trump administration and how it will approach marijuana.

Current rules allow Alaska’s MJ business owners to run ads in traditional media, however there are certain restrictions against how marijuana can be portrayed, much like federal rules for advertising alcohol.