Alaska MJ Opponents Seize on Hickenlooper’s ‘Reckless’ Comment

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Marijuana opponents in Alaska have found an odd bedfellow in their fight against cannabis legalization: Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper.

The main group fighting Ballot Measure 2 – which would approve recreational marijuana use and sales in Alaska – is running digital ads featuring a quote from Hickenlooper calling Colorado’s move to legalize cannabis “reckless,” according to Denver television station KUSA.

Hickenlooper made the statement earlier this month during a gubernatorial debate, saying he opposed the measure from the start.

The ad doesn’t mention his subsequent statements saying the issue has already been decided and that legislators should instead focus on implementation of laws to regulate the industry and make it as safe as possible.

Polling data for Measure 2 is all over the board, with one recent survey indicating it will pass by a large margin and another showing it could come up well short.