Alaska rec marijuana sales set to start as soon as Saturday

Alaska’s recreational marijuana market is expected to launch as soon as this weekend, with a retail shop in Valdez – Herbal Outfitters – preparing to open its doors at “high noon” on Saturday.

That would mean Alaska will join three other states – Colorado, Oregon, and Washington State – with active adult-use cannabis markets.

In Fairbanks, two rec shops – both of which have received the green light from regulators – are planning to open next week, according to the Daily News-Miner. Other retailers are expected to follow suit.

The launch of Alaska’s rec market comes after the state’s first cannabis testing lab went online on Monday. Getting the testing labs up and running was one of the last roadblocks for Alaska’s recreational market.

The Marijuana Business Factbook 2016 projects that Alaska’s rec market will ring up $25 million-$50 million in sales during the first year after adult-use stores open.

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