Anchorage Marijuana Delivery Service in Crosshairs

Although recreational marijuana is now legal to possess and consume in Alaska, cannabis sales are most decidedly not.

That distinction was highlighted last week when a marijuana delivery service employee was detained and his car impounded.

The driver, who works for a company called Absolutely Chronic Delivery Company (ACDC), was surrounded by local cops after making a delivery to a local hotel.

A co-owner of ACDC told a local television station that the police had no justification for the action, since the company isn’t selling marijuana. Rather, the company contends that it donates cannabis to customers in exchange for a $10 delivery fee.

That doesn’t matter, according to the chair of Alaska’s Marijuana Control Board, because there are still no regulations in place for marijuana businesses.

“The laws that apply to the commercial sales of marijuana haven’t changed,” Bruce Schulte, the chair of the board, told the TV station. “Until those laws are changed by our legislature, those are the laws of the land.”

ACDC has had multiple vehicles impounded already by the police, but the company’s co-owner says he has no plans to cease operating or to seek a license once statewide regulations are established.

“Take our vehicles. We have more,” Michael Crites, ACDC’s co-owner, told the station. “We have lots of members in our communities that are willing to donate lots of vehicles. Let’s play.”

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5 comments on “Anchorage Marijuana Delivery Service in Crosshairs
  1. Seth Tyrssen on

    Git ’em, Mike! That’s the kind of in-your-face attitude that’s needed, all over the country. Add another weapon to your arsenal, with the issue of RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. (See the Temple of Ankh’n’Abis/Church of the Sacred Herb site, on Facebook.)

  2. Steve on

    The article would have been a bit more informative if it had mentioned that on June 8th the AK Marijuana Control Board sent a cease-and-desist letter to the company indicating “enforcement action will be taken against you”. It appears that the state is following up on its letter.

  3. l.burke on

    It’s people like this that give what we are trying to do a bad name. We will see if Club Fed will have a room from him. The federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA) criminalizes marijuana still so, keep playing with fire.

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