Ancillary Marijuana Industry Flourishing in Uruguay

Even though pharmacies in Uruguay have yet to begin selling state-sanctioned marijuana, ancillary businesses have begun cropping up, and more are being founded on an ongoing basis.

One of the more popular business models is boutique shops that sell home cultivation supplies, as it’s legal now to grow privately. There are at least 20 such shops in Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo, according to France 24. Their target market is the country’s estimated 20,000 home growers.

And at least 15 cannabis clubs, which are legally allowed to grow up to 99 plants each, have also sprung up.

Still, boutique shops aren’t producing newly minted millionaires yet. France 24 found that the “margins are small,” according to one business partner behind a boutique shop in Montevideo.

Other companies, however, are making a killing. One hemp farming operation that was founded a year ago with $150,000 in capital is now valued at $5 million, France 24 reported. The company hasn’t even harvested its first crop (that’s scheduled in January), but all 100 acres of it has already been sold.

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One comment on “Ancillary Marijuana Industry Flourishing in Uruguay
  1. Gentle Jimj on

    I wish American “farm families” could get in on the green revolution here in America. I am sure that they would love to have their crop sold before it is even in the ground due to huge demand. And to think we are all suffering with this 70+year nightmare because a few wealthy people were setting up monopoly empires, that fed of the middle class. The more things change the more they stay the same. It is hard to understand why in the face of all the evidence (blatant corruption)anyone in this country thinks “best government money can buy'(unlimited donation bribery) is a good thing. Regardless of political party, when government is purchased, there is no Democracy or freedom for long.
    God bless all those who fight to end the war on drugs. I pray the nightmare will soon be over.
    Gentle Jim

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