Ancillary Tech Firm Raises $410k for Infusion Projects

A Seattle-based startup that focuses on technology to infuse products such as sugar with THC has raised $410,000 to help fund its growth.

DeepCell Industries, which isn’t a marijuana plant-touching company but stays strictly on the tech-development side, licenses its technology to cannabis product manufacturers, according to GeekWire. The company already has trademarked tech licensed to a firm called Green Labs that pays DeepCell for its Ruby Cannabis Sugar brand, which infuses sugar with cannabinoids.

DeepCell is also developing cannabis salt and a separate cannabis sweetener, GeekWire reported, with just four employees on board.

The capital raise is part of a larger $450,000 seed round, according to GeekWire, and the company declined to identify its investors.

Though the raise is sizable, it’s arguably on the smaller side, given that many recently announced capital investment deals in the cannabis space have been in the millions, if not tens of millions.

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One comment on “Ancillary Tech Firm Raises $410k for Infusion Projects
  1. Brian on

    Apples to oranges comparing deal sizes. $450,000 for a cannabis seed round, ancillary or otherwise, is very respectable. Not gangbusters, but they should be very pleased and feel validated. But it’s a seed round. The recent $5-15 mm deals (or larger) have all been Series A. Much later in growth stage, more institutional VC interest, and so on.


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