Another Poll Finds Strong Support for Marijuana Legalization

Yet another national poll has revealed that attitudes towards legalizing cannabis have grown more tolerant in recent years.

A study commissioned by CBS News has found that 53% of Americans back legalizing recreational marijuana, which is a milestone in the 26-year history of the poll.

In 1979, the first year CBS conducted the poll, just 27% of respondents said they supported legalizing cannabis. In 2012, the year that Colorado and Washington State voters approved rec marijuana, national support stood at just 47%, and last year support was at 51%.

The findings mirror those of another national poll released last month, the General Social Survey, which found that 52% of Americans would support legalization. That number increased 9% from 2012, according to The Washington Post.

That doesn’t mean every poll shows the same trends. In 2013, Gallup reported that 58% of Americans were behind legalization, and a year later that number dropped to 51%.

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