Arizona Proposes New Rules for Edibles

Arizona’s top health official has proposed new rules for edible marijuana products and the dispensaries that sell them.

Will Humble, director of the Arizona Department of Health Services, wants dispensaries to certify that an employee has discussed with the customer the effects of marijuana edibles before the sale is completed. Humble also wants to send undercover “secret shoppers” into dispensaries to ensure that the protocol is being followed.

Arizona does not require edible products to be tested or labeled for THC content. Humble said that’s why dispensary employees need to spend extra time with customers who purchase edibles.

“They’re supposed to talk to them about what the marijuana does,” he said.

, Arizona Proposes New Rules for EdiblesCurrently, the department sends inspectors into dispensaries. But the inspectors must identify themselves, which Humble believes alters the behavior of the shop employees.

Andrew Myers, executive director of the Arizona Dispensaries Association, said he supports the plan, so long as “it’s a fair and equitable system” that dispensary operators can help create. Humble did not give a timeline for implementing the new rules.

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5 comments on “Arizona Proposes New Rules for Edibles
  1. Mr McGoo on

    As an edible manufacturer out of Michigan,we educate all our dispensaries,and all packing must have thc content weight of bar,caretaker that grew cannabis,and date of and expiration date,Edibles are the best way for long lasting relief,they just need to be regulated just like any other medicine.

  2. Arkie on

    I agree with Mr McGoo, being a Chef myself on a daily basis at my establishment food products are label with content date made and date expired. As far as packaging for child proof there are several new kitchen tools/equipment that are great for sealing product.

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