Arizona rec legalization effort officially begins

The Marijuana Policy Project has formally filed documents in Arizona to start work on a 2016 ballot measure that would legalize recreational marijuana for adults 21 and older.

The initiative has not yet been written, but it is expected to be similar to Colorado’s Amendment 64, which voters approved in 2012.

A proponent working with the campaign in Arizona said supporters will assemble a “diverse coalition” to sift through what should and shouldn’t be duplicated from the Colorado law.

Legalization in Arizona would likely generate several hundred million dollars in sales and create hundreds of business opportunities.

Observers expect heated political opposition to the Arizona legalization attempt from the law enforcement community and possibly medical marijuana dispensary owners who have spent the last four years building their customer base. The state is currently home to nearly 100 dispensaries and 50,000 registered patients.

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3 comments on “Arizona rec legalization effort officially begins
  1. Arlin Troutt on

    The Prohibition of Marijuana stole your right to choose and screwed you out of the oldest source of food, fuel, fiber and medicine on earth. You have had your most basic right stolen and you want to talk about what a great business opportunity you have stumbled across. The Prohibition of Marijuana is a vicious crime against humanity not an investment opportunity. There will be hell to pay for this robbery.

  2. john on

    On Dec. 25, 2014 while we enjoyed our christmas, A patent of MMJ as A CANCER CURE was issued by The United States Patent Ofiice to GW Pharma. AND DEA says “No known Medical Value”. Isnt the DEA Part of the United STates Government?

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