Arizona medical marijuana dispensary issues voluntary recall

Flourish Cannabis, based in Mesa, Arizona, has issued a voluntarily recall for some of its edible products, saying the problem was related to how they were packaged.

Health officials in Coconino County, however, said the recall occurred because the products weren’t tested for pathogens.

The recall was issued for the company’s marinara pasta sauce, hot sauce, honey dijon mustard and Sriracha ketchup, according to the Arizona Republic.

According to Flourish’s owner, Peyton Curry, the recall was issued because the packaging didn’t meet county requirements. He also said county health officials had visited his business and noticed the marinara sauce wasn’t being refrigerated after it was canned.

Curry said the company issued the recall to comply with the county’s regulations, adding that nobody had been sickened and that his business hadn’t received any complaints.

But a county spokeswoman said the recall was issued as a health precaution given the lack of testing for pathogens, according to the Arizona Republic. She told the newspaper the health department couldn’t confirm that food-safety procedures had been followed or that the products had been properly tested. 

The Arizona Republic reported that Flourish Cannabis has sold products in more than two dozen dispensaries around the state.

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2 comments on “Arizona medical marijuana dispensary issues voluntary recall
  1. cherry on

    Canned food does not need refrigeration. And canning involves sterilization, that’s what it means.
    It is incredible that our country allows such ignorance in officials.

  2. Larry on

    Another example of the anti cannabis crowd giving the industry a black eye with fake and exaggerated news! Sound familiar? just like the media is doing with our President! Crying wolf over and over will only hurt the media more in the long run, If that is even possible.

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