Proposed AZ Rule Changes Would Impact Dispensaries

Arizona officials are weighing several changes to the state’s medical marijuana rules that could both hurt and help dispensaries.

The proposals include:

– Tweaking the distance requirement for growing cannabis at home or obtaining it from caregivers. Under current regulations, only patients who live further than 25 miles from a dispensary – as measured by a straight line, or “as the crow flies” – can grow cannabis. The new proposal would change it to 25 miles by roads, meaning more residents would qualify to cultivate their own marijuana at home or buy it from caregivers. While a victory for patients, the measure would take away some business from dispensaries.

– Updating the rules covering medical marijuana delivery services by specifying that a dispensary can not deliver to a public place. This would essentially prevent centers from delivering cannabis to “a spot in some other dispensary’s territory and have patients come to [them]” according to the Phoenix New Times.

– Lowering the annual cost of medical marijuana cards for low-income patients, veterans and seniors by $75. This would benefit the industry, giving these patients a little bit more money to spend on medical cannabis.

If approved, the changes would be implemented next year.

The proposals are part of a larger review of the state’s medical marijuana regulations, which was triggered by a court ruling that found some of aspects of state’s MMJ program are too restrictive.

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9 comments on “Proposed AZ Rule Changes Would Impact Dispensaries
  1. Bonnie Wills on

    It is about time ‘they’ lowered the medical card cost for seniors, vets, and low-income patients. The largest group of people who would use this medicine is over 65 (seniors) Have they actually done something ssensible?

  2. Denny on

    The most immediate problem impacting patients is the greed factor that has been arrogantly creeping into the marketplace over the past year–their prices are not sustainable for a lot of patients and could force them back to the streets for medication that is questionable or even suspect in quality.
    I understand the basic start-up costs for opening a dispensary is substantial, but these owners should not be allowed to recoup their initial financial outlay within a matter of months or even a couple of years on the backs of the people who were the driving force behind allowing them to get into the business in the first place.
    I would support price controls, as in state enforced ceilings for all forms of medication sold in dispensaries.

  3. Frank Spencer Harm on

    Relax;this marijuana business is so new,problems will occur,misinterpretations will occur and the immense volumens of money will provide a leveaning of the entire marijuana to consumer transaction and processing to ease everyone’s contributions to the financial coffers of the states and governments.Relax time will win it for us.

  4. chris on

    the dispensary process in AZ is blatantly nepotistic and smells a lot like the Dutch Mafia/George Soros/Monsanto. over 96% 9f all Arizonans (not just patients!) live within 25 miles of a dispensary. just like Obamacare forcing individuals to purchase healthcare, this 25-mile rule forces patients to buy medicine from untested, non-organic, pesticide and mold-laden products at $20/gram. if you can’t see for yourself how ridiculously wrong this is, you’re blind.

  5. lbezphil2005 on

    no matter how far you live from a dispensary if you can’t afford to purchase it from them you should be able to grow your own medicine, yourself. period. even if its right next door. this law was written with profits in mind, not peoples health.

  6. Bonnie Wills on

    These ‘rules’ are very troublesome NOW, however
    we need to relax and let this dumbness play out and sensible will begin, but we have to have time and patience to ride it out. Hey, I don’t like it, but in time common sense will win.

  7. scott stevens on

    The greed of the dispensary operators, I think not it is more the greed of your local governmet officials if you ask me, they are the one imposing huge fees that are not imposed on other business to open as well as demanding huge sums of money in operating capital that as well is not done to other business, then operating the dispensaries as non-profit enities makes me chuckle at te notion tht there is greed on the part of owners, when the greed is coming from state and local regulations and fees

  8. Bonnie Wills on

    Unfortunately GREED is a nasty part of our society and human make-up. On one hand the government is definitely taking a the greatest advantage and of the current situation, and all we can do is hope that these huge sums of money will go to supprt education and pay teachers, and other underpaid public servants

  9. Kelly Baker on

    Well must remember that just like a few years ago when it was all black market, THIS is ALL very much still on the black market on the Federal Level. So, in a way, nothing has changed except the dealers have gone public, causing their risk to go up.
    I say if the laws are unbearable in your state and you want to really take a stand, I would do one of several things.
    1.) Move to the City, County, and State which best suits your current needs, keeping all family members in mind.
    2.) Wait it out. Just wait a little while for our great nation to catch up to our current voice, as citizens.
    3.) Wait it out, all the while getting active with the “movement”, geared to move toward Total Legalization For All Equals FREEDOM For All!!!
    This is, like it or not, the direction that our country is heading, I believe. All you have to do is follow the subject for a really short while and you see it.

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