Armored Transport Company Will Cater To Cannabis Businesses

A new security and armored car service is catering to the unique needs of the cannabis industry.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. has partnered with security company MPS Security to create a new company called MPS International, which will provide security and armored car services for cannabis businesses.

According to a company press release, MPSI will provide armed and unarmed security services for retail and grow operations. It will also transport inventory and revenue from cannabis businesses, and provide compliance and workplace oversight for these businesses.

According to MPSI CEO Mike Roberts, marijuana businesses currently have large amounts of cash that require transportation, which makes them “an easy target for predators and competing businesses.”

Roberts believes the company can earn millions. He used the industry standard of $25 an hour, and said that one security guard, working 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, would earn more than $1 million alone. MPSI, he said, will also consider moving into Canada.

MPSI is also exploring the purchasing of closed-circuit television and electronic security surveillance solutions so it can provide these services to marijuana businesses as well.

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