Armored Transport Company Will Cater To Cannabis Businesses

A new security and armored car service is catering to the unique needs of the cannabis industry.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. has partnered with security company MPS Security to create a new company called MPS International, which will provide security and armored car services for cannabis businesses.

According to a company press release, MPSI will provide armed and unarmed security services for retail and grow operations. It will also transport inventory and revenue from cannabis businesses, and provide compliance and workplace oversight for these businesses.

According to MPSI CEO Mike Roberts, marijuana businesses currently have large amounts of cash that require transportation, which makes them “an easy target for predators and competing businesses.”

Roberts believes the company can earn millions. He used the industry standard of $25 an hour, and said that one security guard, working 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, would earn more than $1 million alone. MPSI, he said, will also consider moving into Canada.

MPSI is also exploring the purchasing of closed-circuit television and electronic security surveillance solutions so it can provide these services to marijuana businesses as well.

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14 comments on “Armored Transport Company Will Cater To Cannabis Businesses
  1. Rolling O on

    Regarding Roberts’ example of the armed security guard, the PR said that the $1M in revenue would be for eleven locations. That armed security officer would cost the company about $18/hour in salary and benefits. The gross profit before GS&A would be less than $300K.

    There are many other established transport and security companies that are looking into this market, and some are already up-and-running.

  2. billy on

    so… i have 3 armored vehicles that i have purchased and im trying to set up a simalar busniess but i need to know what i wouuld need other than a badge i know im going to have to obtain other nessecary paperwork ccw is already accomplished but any guidence in the start up of my new busniess would be greatly appereciated thanks

  3. Brendan Drury on

    Have Marine combat vets, special forces, experienced and willing to put up cash for equity venture. Largest investment is the armored vehicles. What is your expense monthly to own these vehicles? Firearm certifications, liability insurance, state and federal arms requirements.
    The applicant must be at least 21 years old.
    •The applicant must provide three letters of reference from non-family members.
    •The applicant must provide a letter of intent from a security company that will hire the person once they have secured an armed security guard license. The letter must detail their duties and state the applicant’s start date and location.
    •There must be proof of a background check submitted with application.
    •A health certificate must be submitted within 60 days of applying to show the applicant is free from any health problems that would affect their ability to perform duties as a guard.
    •The make, model, and license plate number must be submitted of any vehicle that will be used for work purposes.
    •The applicant must have a valid Colorado driver’s license or valid Colorado state identification card.
    •The applicant must have a valid social security card number.
    •Different counties have different firearms requirements. The applicant must meet the firearms requirements for the county they wish to work in.

  4. James on

    10hrs is 8 regular and 2 overtime per day for a daily total of. 275 per day with 365 days a year. So 275×365= 100375??? Now I would assume holidays is 550 a day. So I am confused. Of 10 so add in 275*10=2750 extra. So I am confused..

  5. Rolling O on

    James, I think he’s talking about what the client would pay the company for the services of guards at that one location, seven days/week. The client would pay MPSI for 70 hours of service per week (7 days x 10 hrs/day) and MPSI would then pay two guards, with each working 35 hours.

    For my calculation in my older comment, I was looking at the difference between what the client would pay MPSI ($25/hour) and what MPSI would pay the guard ($18/hour). The gross profit would be about $7/hour.

    For 70 hours/week of guard service at one store, MPSI would make a weekly gross profit of $490. Multiply that by 52 weeks to get a yearly gross profit per store of $25,480. Now, multiply that by 11 stores, and you get an annual gross profit of about $280K (I rounded up to $300K in the comment from Jan, 2014.

    Hope this helps!

    • Clarence Dennison on

      So if I charge a grower $20,000 to deliver to multiple locations this would be fair? Load at grower delivery to locations once all load complete payment in full.

  6. Rolling O on

    One more thing about MPSI’s profits and revenues:

    In 1Q/15 MJNA says that Wellness Managed Services (which essentially is now MPSI) booked revenue of $70.1K. Net income was $6.2K.

  7. Bandit on

    Apparently he is not aware of the MJ federal tax law 280E. Transport of MJ is trafficking and must pay taxes on GROSS income, less Cost of Goods. COG does not include payroll, gas/vehicle expenses etc. He will probably end up paying more in taxes than he nets. Most new owners are unaware of this tax law and after a couple of years end up broke even though they grossed millions.

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