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Bart Schaneman

Bart has worked as a reporter and editor since 2003 for newspapers in California, Nebraska and South Korea. He has won several awards for his writing and photography, including a Nebraska Press Association award for in-depth coverage of an environmental fight over fracking wastewater.His work has appeared in The Week, the Washington Post, Salon and the Omaha World-Herald, among other publications.

Vaping illnesses less common in states with adult-use marijuana, study shows

An academic study found that the cannabis vaping health crisis of 2019 was more pronounced in states that lacked legal recreational marijuana stores, pointing to the illicit market as the culprit and helping to further bolster consumer confidence in products from the licensed market. The findings strengthen the perception that state-legal marijuana industry products are safe […]

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Big cannabis companies scale back amid coronavirus, raising questions about industry’s overall health

The COVID-19 outbreak is causing serious jitters among large cannabis companies, with a growing list of multistate marijuana operators scaling back by laying off workers and shuttering operations in a bid to slash costs. The widespread cutbacks this week by Acreage Holdings, MedMen Enterprises and 4Front Ventures also call into question the overall health of the marijuana industry […]

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Cannabis labs watchful of supply disruptions during coronavirus crisis as testing demand remains strong

Marijuana testing labs report steady business as the COVID-19 outbreak rolls on, though concerns loom over the availability of protective equipment such as gloves and masks and other cleaning supplies. It’s a topic the cannabis industry will keep a careful eye on because, if the coronavirus pandemic eventually causes hiccups in testing, that could slow […]

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Colorado cannabis retailer voluntarily closes over coronavirus concerns after spike in customer traffic; similar closures could follow

Fort Collins, Colorado, cannabis retailer Organic Alternatives closed voluntarily on Monday over concerns about the spread of the coronavirus – and many more marijuana shops likely could do the same soon despite the loss in sales they’ll experience. Concerns around marijuana retailers closing also could lead to a run on cannabis stores, where consumers buy out products over fears that business will remain shuttered.

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The science of medicinal, lifestyle cannabis products at the forefront of sixth annual Emerald Conference

The Emerald Conference, which focuses on how science and data support several sectors of the cannabis industry, kicked off Wednesday in California. The event, now in its sixth year, is an industry forum for discussion on best practices in cultivation, production and quality assurance through the lens of science. The conference runs through Saturday at […]

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