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John Rebchook, Staff Writer

John is an award-winning journalist who spent most of his decades-long career as the real estate editor of the Rocky Mountain News in Denver. At different times John also wrote about banking, economic development, cable TV, workplace issues, technology and national and local political issues impacting business. He has also freelanced for Marijuana Business Magazine. John also published his own real estate blog for almost seven years and was a columnist at the Colorado Real Estate Journal. Before joining the Rocky, John worked at newspapers in Wisconsin, Illinois and Texas.

New Mexico panel set to advise governor on adult-use marijuana legalization

July 2, 2019 · Updated July 3, 2019

New Mexico cannabis business stakeholders and others will provide input via a new committee for a recreational marijuana legalization measure set for introduction in the state’s Legislature in 2020. The panel, which will make legislative recommendations to the governor, comes after a bipartisan legalization bill stalled without a vote in the state Senate in March. Gov. Michelle […]

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Postponing Payment

July 1, 2018

Marijuana business owners can take steps to defray building rental costs while waiting for a license By John Rebchook It can take months for a marijuana dispensary or other business to get its license approved by regulators. A key requirement: A company must first have the location for the business nailed down. Paying rent on […]

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Total Recall

April 1, 2018

Marijuana businesses need to have a plan at the ready to handle a product recall that could sink the company By John Rebchook Product recalls increasingly may be a fact of life for those who sell marijuana products, meaning that cannabis business owners need to have a plan at their fingertips to cope with questions […]

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Keeping the Peace

April 1, 2018

As unions spread within the cannabis industry, business owners can take steps to address “peace agreements” that can lead to unionization By John Rebchook Cannabis business owners increasingly must confront a workplace reality that mainstream companies have faced for generations: organized labor. Front and center is the United Food and Commercial Workers union, which is […]

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Good Neighbor Policy

March 1, 2018

To woo wary neighbors, marijuana businesses need to do early public outreach and act like good corporate citizens By John Rebchook A little neighborly outreach and goodwill can go a long way in the marijuana industry. That approach can save you time and money – and ensure your business opens without the threat of local […]

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Distressed Opportunities

January 1, 2018

Tips for finding businesses on the block at fire-sale prices by John Rebchook Marijuana businesses are a hot property. Scores of new grows, retailers, ancillary firms and infused product manufacturers are opening their doors as recreational and medical markets sprout up across the nation. Real estate prices for marijuana operations are sky high, as are […]

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Balancing Act

October 1, 2017

Ancillary companies serving marijuana clients and mainstream customers must tread carefully – and take steps to prevent potential snafus by John Rebchook A national sales director for a lighting company transmitted an email blast telling clients she’d be attending a marijuana business conference. One of her emails landed with a thud in the inbox of […]

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Let’s make a (Real Estate) Deal

September 1, 2017

Financial sweeteners and a professional approach can help win over a wary landlord by John Rebchook Marijuana retailers and growers have sometimes been forced to pay two to four times the market rate when leasing a building. At first blush, negotiating a reasonable deal may seem like a hard sell given marijuana’s illegal status under […]

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Landing the Right Retail Location

May 1, 2017

Securing prime property requires finding a good broker, doing a lot of your own legwork, and patience by John Rebchook It took Mike Cuthriell 11 months to find the ideal location for Metropolitan Wellness Center, a medical marijuana dispensary seven blocks from the Capitol dome in Washington DC. He encountered many false starts and dead […]

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A Little Help From Your Friends

February 1, 2017

Six tips when tapping friends and family to help finance your cannabis company by John Rebchook Fresh out of business school in 1962, Phil Knight hit up his father for a $50 loan to launch what would become one of the planet’s most iconic brands: Nike Inc., the giant maker of sneakers and athletic apparel. […]

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Figuring Out What Women Want

June 1, 2016

Jeanine Moss dreamed up and researched the idea of “affordable luxury” accessories for chic cannabis-smoking women, created a brand, designed products, manufactured them – in China, no less – and supported a sales and marketing operation.

All within 18 months.

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Breaking the Bank

March 1, 2016 · Updated September 1, 2021

Tim Cullen has lost a lot of bank accounts over the years.

“Man, I’ve been kicked out of more banks than I can name,” said Cullen, CEO and co-founder of the Colorado Harvest Co., which operates medicinal and recreational cannabis stores in the Denver area. “Well, if I did name them, it would probably be over 15 banks.”

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